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New Jersey Child Custody Lawyer Discusses Crossing the Line Travelling with Children

It is no secret to any practicing family law attorney that Family Court can get very ugly.  It often evolves into a competition where each party frequently crosses the proverbial line in an effort to make the other party look bad.   This is especially true with the issue of child custody or parenting time.  Courts » Read More

New Jersey Divorce Law Firm: Attorney Spotlight on Will Lemega

At Lyons & Associates, P.C., we treat each and every case like it is the most important case we have. Whether large or small, your case – and you – will receive the dedication, personal attention, commitment, and knowledgeable guidance you deserve. Our attorneys will be your most powerful advocate and ally, and will work » Read More

Mendham Divorce Lawyers Discuss Protecting Your Assets

Divorce can often come as a surprise, but there are ways to minimize the surprise consequences after your divorce is finalized. While the marriage may be legally ended, your ex-spouse may still stand to inherit some of your assets when you pass away. When the divorce decree has been accepted and settled, there are several » Read More

New Jersey Divorce Lawyers: Application for Modification of Custody and Parenting Time Arrangements

When seeking a modification of a current custody or parenting time arrangement, whether you are the one seeking it or if it is the other parent, it is important to understand the potential hurdles the filing party will have to overcome before a Court will actually effectuate any type of requested change to the schedule » Read More

Mendham Child Custody Lawyers: Child’s Preference

When parents separate and divorce, they often mutually agree on the custody arrangements. However, when parents cannot come to an agreement, a judge will need to make the determination. Judges are required to consider the “best interests of the child” in making this decision. The best interests standard encompasses many factors—one of which is the » Read More

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer: Buyout Your Ex

You’re in the middle of a divorce and you want to stay in your home.  You and your spouse both feel the stability will be good for the children.  While it may give your children stability, it may just put you in the poor house.  Often, the party who will not be living in the » Read More

Former Spice Girl Claims Estranged Husband Abused Her

A shocking court filing by former Spice Girl, Mel B, claims that her estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte, brutally abused her, and had an affair with their nanny. The court filing instituted a temporary restraining order against her husband for numerous physical attacks throughout their marriage. They were only married for about six months when the attacks » Read More

Bridgewater Divorce Lawyers: Divorcing After a Long Marriage

Couples that have been together for decades are not untouched by divorce. Studies show that “gray divorces” are actually on the rise. Couples over 50 who end their marriage are currently the largest divorce demographic. Empty nesters are more likely to part ways once the kids have gone and they realize they have little in » Read More

New Jersey Divorce Lawyers: Taxability of Pendente Lite Support

The Devil is in the Details A very common and valid concern that many women have after the Complaint for Divorce is filed is how, as the lower earning spouse, they will support themselves and their children while the divorce is ongoing. To remedy their valid concern, their matrimonial attorney will file a Motion for » Read More

Bridgewater Divorce Lawyers: Equal Parenting After a Divorce

Equal parenting is the concept of equally and fairly dividing all duties and responsibilities regarding children after a divorce. It is an important concept to consider if your marriage is ending and you have children. While shared parenting can provide a number of benefits to children post-divorce, equal parenting is an ideal arrangement that is » Read More