Using a Private Investigator in a Divorce Case

DivorceIn a divorce case, particularly when there is hostility and disagreement regarding many issues, evidence obtained through the services of a private investigator can make the difference between getting the outcome you want, and being taken advantage of. Your spouse may have significant assets that have been hidden from you. He or she may have been involved in an extra-marital affair, spending your money on others. Your ex-spouse may be misrepresenting their income for purposes of alimony or child support. This blog provides some insights regarding the use of a private investigator in a divorce proceeding.

Ways that a Private Investigator Can Help You in a Divorce Case

A private investigator can gather essential evidence regarding:

  • Unfitness for parenting, custody or visitation —A private detective can uncover evidence or substance abuse, physical violence, illegal activity or other acts that may render your spouse or ex-spouse unfit for custody, or for unsupervised visitation.
  • Misuse of marital property —A private detective can be used to show that your spouse spent marital income or used marital assets to participate in an extra-marital affair, to provide gifts to a lover, or to engage in illegal activity
  • Hidden assets or income —You can use a private detective to find evidence that your spouse has income that has been shielded from you, or that there are assets that have been hidden from you.

Hiring the Right Private Investigator

It is highly recommended that you don’t hire a private investigator on your own. If you have never used one before, you may have no idea what to look for. You want a person who has worked with attorneys before, preferably with your attorney. A private investigator who has not worked closely with attorneys before may gather information in ways that are not admissible in court. In that situation, you will have the expense of the PI, but none of the benefits. Accordingly, it is usually more effective to contact a lawyer first, and let your legal counsel refer you to an investigator.

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