New Jersey Divorce Lawyers: How might Hurricane Sandy Impact Your Divorce?

During this “state of emergency,” you might be wondering in the middle of everything else about how Hurricane Sandy could impact your divorce. Here are a few ways:

  1. Property Disputes: When damage to your home or property occurs, you and your ex are going to have to resolve who pays for what repairs, how insurance comes into play, and whether short term conditions (like flooding, access to services and infrastructure) could impact the long term prospects of being able to sell or buy out your property later. Mortgage companies, appraisers, and other entities might look back to this period of time when deciding how to value your property later.
  2. Co-parenting and Child Custody: It is important to put your children first. Judges expect both parents to work together in a crisis. Children should stay in the home with the best resources. Simply keeping children in one person’s home because it is that parent’s “time” is not in the children’s best interest if that home has no electricity, water, or other needed comforts. Parents also should coordinate to meet their children’s educational and medical needs, especially when so many schools, hospitals, and pharmacies are closed or have no power.
  3. Court closings: Courts already have been backed up because of budget cuts and political disputes. These new court closings – even if just for a few days – can set back your trial or court appearance for several months. It is especially hard for people who are trapped in temporary orders that limit their custody, parenting time, or access to their property or belongings.
  4. Finances: bank closings, unpaid time lost from work, and lack of access to monies could impact alimony, child support, and other court ordered payments.

It is important to speak to your lawyer during this crisis for a fuller understanding as to how Hurricane Sandy could impact your family and your divorce.

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