New Jersey Divorce Lawyers: Military Divorce

Military families deserve special consideration when it comes to divorce, domestic violence, child custody, support, and the division of assets. It is important to hire an experienced New Jersey divorce lawyer who understand a military family’s challenges and can help you meet them.

One major issue that military families must face is how to handle child custody. Long-term deployments, emergent assignments, and frequent moves can make it hard for military personnel to obtain custody and to visit their children as often as they would like. Special considerations must be taken to ensure ongoing contact between military parents and their children, while also taking into account the children’s needs for stability and certainty.

Domestic Violence Allegations

Another challenge arises when there are allegations of domestic violence. A military person accused of domestic violence could, by law, be divested of his right to carry a weapon, which in effect, could end that person’s military career. While it always is important to protect victims of domestic violence, and while all persons should be free from threats and harm, it is still important to understand the potential impact upon military families that allegations of domestic violence may have.

Spousal support, child support, and the division of assets also may be different for military personnel. Does a housing allowance get included in your income? Is a temporary increase in combat pay subject to child support? How much of your military pension can be divided, and what methods and time-frames exist to make that division occur? Those, and other questions, frequently crop up when military families are getting divorced.

Everybody knows that service members and their families are special people, with special talents as well as special life needs. Those special life needs are more present than ever when facing divorce. Make sure that you have attorneys who understand your needs, who respect you for your work, and who will strive to serve you in the same manner that you have served us.

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