Somerville Divorce Lawyer: Alimony Modification and Termination in New Jersey

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Whether your alimony should be changed or terminated depends on many factors, but the first place a court will look to is the time period in which you were first divorced. Divorce agreements reflect spouses’ circumstances at the time a divorce is finalized. Your financial circumstances and the circumstances of your spouse will largely dictate the amount spousal support to be paid and received. When these circumstances change due to new occurrences, the amount of alimony you pay or receive each month can be changed or even terminated.

Modifications in alimony must be precipitated by an event. Examples of events that can affect alimony payments include:

  • A substantial involuntary decrease to your income due to, for instance, the loss of a job or a demotion
  • A significant decrease in your total compensation package due to, for instance, cutbacks at your employer
  • The failure of a business or changes in the profitability of a business
  • The remarriage of the spouse receiving spousal support
  • Retirement
  • An increase or decrease in the cost of living
  • Serious health problems/disability
  • A substantial increase in the income of the receiving spouse

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Since the burden of proof will be on you in the event you wish to initiate a change in spousal support, you will need to assemble and present persuasive information to the court. We can investigate the facts of your situation, gather the documents and information needed for your hearing and represent you throughout the alimony modification and termination process. To contact an attorney at Lyons & Associates for any family law issue, call 908 575-9777 or fill out the online intake form.