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It seems that, as a society, we just keep getting closer to our pets. Our changing and growing relationships with our cats and dogs has led to evolving laws regarding pets, pet custody and pet care.

If you have a pet that you care deeply for, you understand that we’re not talking about something silly or absurd, like leaving millions of dollars to a dog in a will. We’re talking about remaining with a beloved pet following a divorce or separation, at a time when the companionship your pet provides may be especially needed.

Until recently, pets were viewed legally as “chattel”, or movable property like a chair, desk or couch. In 2009, though, things changed a bit when a New Jersey case resulted in the New Jersey Appellate Court ruling that pets hold a unique status because of the “special…value” they are held in by their human companions and that family law courts therefore have jurisdiction in pet custody disputes.

If you face divorce and have concerns regarding who will gain custody of a pet or pets, contact the family law lawyers of Lyons & Associates in Somerville. We are skilled at drafting divorce and separation agreements that solidly protect clients’ rights to own or visit beloved pets following a divorce.

Just as importantly, we are skilled negotiators and litigators who can fight effectively for pet custody in the event of a dispute. We can use information regarding the care of the pet, previously ownership of the pet and other factors to promote your pet custody goals.

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