Divorce from Bed and Board – Is this Legal Action Right for You and Your Spouse?

Family Law Legal Help in Somerville, New Jersey

Often, couples in distress contact our office with questions regarding legal separation. At the Somerville, New Jersey, divorce law firm of Lyons & Associates we respond with information regarding New Jersey’s “divorce from bed and board” option, which is also sometimes referred to as “limited divorce.”

Divorce from bed and board is useful to many couples because it offers several of the advantages of divorce while the couple remains legally married. For instance, some of the legal results of divorce from bed and board include:

  • Spouses may be permitted to keep their current health insurance.
  • Marital assets are divided and distributed.
  • Child and spousal support are determined and paid.
  • If one of the former spouses passes away, the other spouse will not receive his or her property unless a valid will dictates it.
  • If a spouse wishes to move legally from a divorce from bed and board to a full divorce, he or she may have the opportunity to revisit the support and distribution terms of the property settlement agreement agreed upon at the time of the divorce from bed and board.

The divorce from bed and board legal option can make sense for couples who wish to remain married for religious reasons, if they believe a reconciliation may eventually occur, if they wish to remain married but have a serious dispute over property, and for many other reasons. If you wish to discuss divorce from bed and board with a skilled and knowledgeable New Jersey family law attorney, contact Lyons & Associates by calling 908-575-9777, or contact us online.