Will Being in Therapy Hurt You in Your Bid to Be the Parent of Primary Residence?

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TherapyIt’s a common sentiment but it’s true — divorce can be one of the most difficult times of your life. The divorce case that isn’t emotionally trying is very rare.

For this reason, parents going through divorce often seek assistance from a mental health professional. Getting help for any physical or emotional issue is always wise. But divorcing parents are often troubled by the thought that being in therapy can work against them when they wish to become the parent of primary residence for their minor children.

If you face divorce or a paternity dispute and need help in an immediate or potential child custody dispute in New Jersey, contact the Somerville family law firm of Lyons & Associates. We have helped hundreds of parents strategize and pursue their child custody goals.

What Is a Parent of Primary Residence?

A parent of primary residence (PPR) is the parent with whom a couple’s minor children reside. In contrast to the parent of primary residence is the parent of alternate residence. The parent of alternate residence is awarded parenting/visitation time with the children.

How Do Courts Determine PPR? Is Therapy Part of That Analysis?

At Lyons & Associates we understand the full range of issues courts take into account when determining residency for minor children. If a parent has a stable history, then participation in therapy is rarely taken into account. Instead, courts will gather information regarding such issues as:

  • The parents’ relationships with the children
  • The parents’ ability to provide a stable home
  • The parents’ criminal and substance-abuse history (if any)
  • The wishes of the parents and children
  • The actual needs of the child

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