Will My Marital Status Affect My Ability to Gain Custody of My Children?

Answering Family Law Questions in Somerville, New Jersey

Child custody law in New Jersey is complex. A degree of confusion is natural regarding a pending custody dispute.

We can help. We are the family law attorneys of Lyons & Associates in Somerville. We have years of experience providing easy-to-understand answers to child custody questions in northern New Jersey.

One question we encounter quite frequently is whether a parent’s marital status will affect his or her rights in a child custody dispute.

We have a strong background in advocating for parents in a broad range of marital and relationship statuses, including:

  • Single parents
  • Parents in a domestic partnership
  • Parents who aren’t married
  • Parents in both short- and long-term marriages
  • Parents in long-term, unmarried relationships
  • Parents who have remarried

As a general rule, courts are more concerned about the best interests of your child than about your marital status. Factors that may “tip the scale” in a child custody dispute might include:

  • The ability of parents to provide a stable home
  • A parent’s relationship with the child
  • The needs of the child
  • The level of change needed for a child to move from one living arrangement to another
  • Whether or not a parent has a criminal record, record of domestic violence or substance abuse problem

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