Have You Missed Child Support Payments in New Jersey? Get Help With Child Support Arrears

Child Support ArrearsLife happens. As a noncustodial parent paying child support in New Jersey, you may find yourself in circumstances where you are unable to pay. Help is available, so the first thing you should know is – don’t ignore the problem. If you ignore your child support obligations, they won’t go away and the problem will only get worse. If you ignore the matter long enough, you could find yourself to be the subject of an arrest warrant.

The New Jersey Child Support Program is set up so that child support payments are withheld from paychecks whenever possible, making it easier to stay on top of your payments. Child support payments can be withheld from paychecks from jobs, from workers’ compensation payments, and from unemployment insurance paychecks. But what happens if you change or lose your job?

Nonpayment of child support can have serious repercussions:

  • Arrears of $1,000 or more may be reported to the credit reporting agencies, resulting in a downward slide of your credit score
  • You could lose your driver’s license or other commercial or recreational licenses.
  • You could be arrested and incarcerated.
  • In the most egregious cases, you could be denied a passport for international travel or have your passport revoked.

If you believe your monthly child support payments are too high and leave you with too few financial resources, you should consider filing a request for modification with the New Jersey Family Court. If your income has decreased since the order was originally filed, you may be able to get your child support obligation decreased as well.

If you owe back child support, you can work with the court to develop a reasonable payment plan for the arrears to spread them out over time. It is better for you to initiate contact instead of waiting for someone to contact you – or worse yet, for your child’s custodial parent to file a motion for enforcement.

Get more information about your rights and responsibilities as a noncustodial parent from the New Jersey Child Support Program website.

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