New Jersey Divorce Lawyers: What Is Reimbursement Alimony in New Jersey?

New Jersey divorce law recognizes four different types of alimony, more common called spousal maintenance or spousal support.  If you are considering a divorce, it’s helpful to understand the four types of spousal support available in New Jersey:

  • Temporary alimony
  • Rehabilitative alimony
  • Limited-duration alimony
  • Reimbursement alimony

According to the New Jersey alimony statute, reimbursement alimony may be awarded “under circumstances in which one party supported the other through an advanced education, anticipating participation in the fruits of the earning capacity generated by that education.”

For example:  After getting married, Jane and John agreed that Jane would work full-time while John attended school full-time to become a computer engineer.  They would pay John’s school expenses out of Jane’s salary.  They agreed that Jane would leave her career after John graduated and got a lucrative job.  However, they divorced after John finished two years of school, which Jane paid for.  In this situation, Jane may be able to successfully apply for reimbursement alimony.  The reimbursement alimony would return to her the money she paid out for John’s educational expenses but she would not get reimbursed for the couple’s living and other expenses during that time frame.

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