New Jersey Child Custody Lawyers: Who Gets the Kids for Halloween? Child Custody and the Holidays

For some parents, the holiday of Halloween can be just as fun for them as it is for their kids. Parents like to see their kids in costume, enjoy cheering them on at school parades, and often take pleasure in accompanying them throughout the neighborhood as they fill their goodie bags with treats.

But what happens now that you and your ex are no longer together? Which parent gets that special parenting time?

Most Family Law Judges in New Jersey have a standard holiday parenting time schedule in which the parents alternate the major holidays, such as Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. But sometimes the other holidays can get lost or overlooked – like the child’s birthday, Halloween, and three-day weekends during the school year (Martin Luther King’s Day, Teachers’ Convention, etc.). Also, sometimes there are holidays that are important and specific your family or culture (like a family reunion that happens during the same exact week ever year). Unless you tell the Court about those events, they could be missed and left out of your Child Custody Order.

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Written by: Theresa A. Lyons