New Jersey Child Support Lawyer: Cars for Kids Now an Extra on Top of Child Support

If you or someone you know has a young driver in their family and is getting child support, or is in the middle of a divorce, then this alert pertains to them.

Effective this fall, the New Jersey Supreme Court Rules Committee changed the Rules of Court and the Child Support Guidelines.   Now, a parent receiving Child Support can also ask for extra money toward car expenses on top of the base Child Support if the money is for “expenses associated with a motor vehicle purchased or leased for the intended primary use of a child subject to the support order.”  Appendix IX-A, Consideration #8.  (The full Rule, as well as all of the Rules of Court, can be found at New Jersey Courts Online at

What is important to note about the Rule change is that the new language seems to imply that parents can also seek money not just for car payments, but also for any type of “expense” like insurance, fuel, maintenance, etc.

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Written by: Theresa A. Lyons