New Jersey Child Support – Paying For College

Under New Jersey law, a parent has the duty to support their child until such time as the court considers the child emancipated. Such support often includes college tuition and expenses. In New Jersey, a parent does have the duty to pay child support while the child is enrolled on a full-time basis in college, and potentially also during any post-graduate education. However, to receive such support, the child must be enrolled on a full-time basis, and the child has to be shown to be making a ‘good faith effort’ in school. There is room for argument that a child is not making a good faith effort in school if the child is not maintaining, at a minimum, at a least C average or above in their grades. In the instance that their grades have fallen below Cs, a parent may not be obligated to continue to support them throughout college.

If you are the parent paying child support, you are entitled to information about your child’s enrollment in college. Many parents will file a motion with the court requesting grade reports and a class schedule to ensure their child is enrolled on a full-time basis, and is maintaining an appropriate grade point average. We can help you understand child support as well as any factors that may warrant an adjustment when your child is in college.

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