New Jersey Family Law Firm: Child Support Amnesty Week

Starting Monday, April 28 through May 3, 2014, The New Jersey Child Support Program is sponsoring a statewide Child Support Amnesty Program in coordination with in the New Jersey Judiciary and the County Sheriff’s Offices

The Amnesty Program is a one-time occurrence that provides those with child support obligations and an outstanding child support warrants with an opportunity to remedy the situation.  The program allows individuals who are past due in their child support payments to voluntarily visit the probation division and address a child support obligation in the following ways:

  1. Make a lump sum payment
  2. Agree to a future lump sum payments, and set up a reasonable payment plan
  3. Discuss the option of modifying the child support obligation.

As a result of taking these actions, there is the possibility that the active child support warrant will be discharged – allowing peace of mind by avoiding the possibility of being arrested.

Prior Amnesty Programs have been considered successes.   Appropriate agencies including staff at courthouses, county welfare agencies, and sheriff’s offices are working to be as prepared as possible and for the program to proceed as smoothly as possible.

Anyone with interest in the Child Support Amnesty Program can refer to the New Jersey Child Support website for additional information.  Additionally, if you need any assistance in addressing your child support obligation, please contact one of the experienced attorneys at Lyons & Associates, P.C. at 908-575-9777. You can also fill out our online intake form.

By: Michael Younker