New Jersey Child Custody Lawyers: Summer Parenting Time

As the school year comes to an end and the summer months approach, many families begin to make summer plans regarding vacations and summer camps for their children. For an intact family, this is can be an exciting and easy experience. However, this task may prove much more challenging and difficult for a divorced or separated couple.

This is due to many reasons, including the structure of certain custodial arrangements as well as the differing desires of each party as to whether or not the children will attend camp, and if so where; or, the location and length of time for a vacation with the children.  Some custodial arrangements even contain language that specifically alters custody and parenting time during the summer months, especially if parenting time during the school year is limited for one parent due to the combination of the children’s school schedule and that parent’s work schedule.

It is highly advantageous for divorced or separated parents to settle these matters outside of Court. If that cannot be done, the appropriate application with the Court can be filed. Courts are likely to rule based on past traditions and, absent any extenuating circumstances, equal parenting time for each party. For example, if the father’s parents reside in Florida and the family has traditionally taken a two week trip down to visit them each August, chances are the Judge will allow the father to continue this tradition while simultaneously awarding the other parent a reasonable trip of similar length and distance.

There is never a guarantee that the Court will grant your requested relief. The Court will likely order what is in the best interest of the children, and that is usually whatever arrangement provides them with adequate holiday and vacation time with both parents.  It is important that you have proper representation throughout this process to ensure that you are receiving proper and adequate time with your children.

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