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Michigan Man Fights Child Support Assessment

DNA Testing Proves Child is Not His | Court Refuses to Drop Demand, Threatens Prison Term

In a bizarre case in Michigan, a Detroit man has been ordered to pay some $30,000 in back child support or go to prison. The only problem…DNA tests have proven that the child was not his. In fact, when the DNA test showed that Carnell Alexander was not the father, the mother acknowledged that the real father was actively involved in the child’s life. Nonetheless, when Alexander took his evidence to court, the judge ignored it.

According to court officials, the judge refused to dismiss the case based on evidence that Alexander had been served with a paternity action in the late 1980s, but had refused to sign the summons. Alexander says he could not have been at his father’s house (where the summons was allegedly served) at the time, as he was in prison for a crime he committed earlier. A check of Michigan Department of Corrections records confirmed this to be true.

The mother of the child has publicly acknowledged that she was wrong. She claims that she did not know at the time who the father was, but that she could not get state assistance without naming a father. She did not know that the state would seek child support from the father to offset any assistance it provided. She asked the court to dismiss any child support arrearages due to her. Sources say the court forgave the amounts due to the mother, but is still seeking amounts it believes due to the state.

Child Support and Paternity in New Jersey

Under the laws of most states, once an order of paternity has been entered (or a putative father has signed an acknowledgement of paternity), the process is extremely difficult, if not impossible to reverse. States have little incentive to change these laws, as they are interested in collecting child support payments wherever they can get them.

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