Bridgewater Divorce Lawyer: When Getting a Divorce…Think About Social Media!

Everyone these days uses some type of social media.  People post pictures, vacations, and many life events.   However, those seemingly harmful posts can come back and bit you when you least expect it.

For example, suppose your child plays ice hockey and winds up with a broken arm?  While you are in the doctor’s office getting it casted, you take a picture and post it on Facebook.  Perfectly innocent, right?  Well, it may not seem that way to a judge at a custody hearing for your son.  Your ex-husband may present that picture as evidence in court and claim you are not taking proper care of your son.

What about a picture of you and your new boyfriend on a cruise together?  Maybe there is a battle going on in your divorce about the amount of alimony you are receiving.  This picture appears on Facebook and your husband’s attorney asks questions such as “Who paid for this trip?”  “Where did the funds come from?”  “Who watched your children while you were on the trip?” “Who paid the babysitting fees?”  Just from that one picture came at least four questions from the other attorney.

What about such issues as adultery?  Suppose you are at a party with your paramour and someone innocently takes a picture of a couple at another table.  In the background is you kissing your paramour.  Now there’s evidence that a relationship is going on or at least, that you’ve been cheating on your spouse. Such a picture can be presented in court as evidence.

Bottom line-BE CAREFUL!  People think it’s fun to post things online.  We all want the world to know what we are doing.   However, posting pictures makes things easier for our angry spouses.  All of this can be used as proof or evidence of what’s happening in our lives.  Can it be twisted into something it’s not? Absolutely! It’s important to think before you post! Remember – A picture’s worth a thousand words!

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Written by: ChrisAnn Wright, Esq.