New Jersey Divorce Lawyers: Are You Prepared for Your Day in Divorce Court?

For most people, the simple act of filing or being asked for a divorce is excruciatingly painful. As a consequence, most parties to a divorce try to keep things as amicable as possible, so that the whole matter can be resolved without going to trial. But what if all your best efforts to avoid that don’t work. What if you can’t find mutually beneficial solutions to difficult issues and have to ask the court to resolve matters for you? Are you prepared for your day in divorce court? If you have to go to court, the more you know and understand about the process in advance, the less stressful it will be and the more effectively you’ll be able to participate.

The Process

It’s important to understand up front that the divorce process may differ, based on the circumstances of your case. In New Jersey divorce cases, the court will assess the complexity of your dispute and has the discretion to assign it to one of a number of different tracks. For example, when the differences involve custody and visitation of minor children, the courts are inclined to put the case on a fast track, so that the children don’t live in limbo for any longer period of time than necessary to determine what’s in their best interests. If your case involves many business or asset questions, the Court could assign it to a complex tract.

Your Choice of Legal Counsel

There’s a big difference between preparing and filing any documents related to a divorce, arguing an occasional motion, and actually representing a client in a full-blown divorce trial. You want an attorney with actual litigation experience, who knows how to prepare for trial, and has experience addressing the unexpected issues that arise in court. It’s also important to understand that, while overly aggressive lawyers can be popular with clients, they seldom find favor with judges. You want an attorney who will stand up for you, and who knows how to litigate, but nobody likes a bully.

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