Child Custody in Weiner Sex Scandal

Former U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting scandal could have a serious impact on his child custody rights in his pending divorce from his wife, Huma Abedin. A recent photo sent by Weiner to a woman he had been sexting with on Twitter showed him lying on his bed, bare-chested and aroused while his four-year-old son slept beside him. Questions concerning his parental judgment and inappropriateness could warrant an investigation from Child Services.

Even without an investigation, the evidence shows Weiner’s poor judgment by including his child in a photo of this nature. The question of whether or not Weiner’s judgment could be considered child abuse remains to be answered. Though sending sexually explicit photos between two consenting adults via Twitter or text messages is not illegal, including the presence of a child in the photo, even unintentionally, can be considered child endangerment or neglect.

In the photo posted on Twitter, Weiner was fully clothed from the waist down, but obviously in a state of arousal. He commented that “someone had just crawled in bed with me,” and referred to his son as a “chick magnet.” The child appears to be sleeping in the photo, but the fact that Weiner was communicating with a woman who was not his wife, with their son in bed beside him, displays poor parental responsibility and judgment. The issue of this situation being a case of child neglect results from Weiner putting his own desires or addiction ahead of what’s appropriate for his son.

The Welfare of the Child Comes First

Huma Abedin has filed for divorce and any questions as to whether or not Weiner will be able to share custody remain to be answered. In cases of divorce and child custody in New York City, the welfare of the child is always the top priority. Weiner’s history of inappropriate behavior, infidelity, and the latest sexting scandal could all combine to result in Abedin being granted full custody. If this is the case, Weiner will still be responsible for child support payments, regardless of other alimony payment arrangements that may be made.

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