Surveys Show Marriage Rates in New Jersey Declining

In recent surveys, marriage rates were shown to be declining in New Jersey. Individuals are waiting much longer to get married, therefore the median age of people getting married increased. In many cases, individuals chose to never get married and live together instead. The three largest cities with the highest percentage of unmarried individuals are New Brunswick with nearly 70 percent; Camden showing almost 60 percent; and Newark with a total of close to 55 percent. Many other parts of the state from North to South hovered between 25 and 50 percent, depending on the community in question.

Factors contributing to the decline include fallout from the recession, financial issues like struggles with significant student loan debt, and unaffordable living expenses, which lead to individuals resorting to living with their parents. Lingering effects from divorce also come into play in which children who experienced their parents’ divorce feel disillusioned by marriage and decide it’s not a viable option. Although those reasons are understandable, marriage brings a lot of benefits with it like tax breaks, social security benefits, input on legal decisions, health insurance perks, and other rewards not available to unmarried individuals.

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