Going Back to School After a Divorce

Somerville divorce lawyers help divorced clients pursue career goals.Divorce can be the beginning of a brand new life. With matters of property and child custody settled, some divorced people use this new beginning as a time to reevaluate their career choices. For many stay-at-home parents, a divorce requires them to go back to work. Others may have put their dream jobs on the back burner while navigating an unhappy marriage. Still others are determined to pursue their career goals without the input of their ex. For those hoping to change careers after divorce, that often means going back to school. Here are some practical tips for hitting the books a bit later in life.

Inspire Yourself

Maybe your confidence took a beating during the divorce and the thought of walking into a college classroom is daunting. Until you feel comfortable as a student, do whatever it is that gives your confidence a boost. Schedule a regular pep talk with someone who believes in you. Focus on an inspirational book or quote. Purchase some new clothing and shoes if that makes you feel good. With every achievement, you will feel more at home in the classroom.

Do Your Research

Before diving into your education, do plenty of research to find the right program and school for you. Meet with a career counselor to find out what credentials or training is necessary for the job you want. Whether it is a vocational course, a workplace training program, or an advanced degree, make sure the schedule and requirements are practical for your lifestyle. Be realistic about whether you can take on something new without feeling overwhelmed. Many colleges offer flexible schedules or online programs to accommodate non-traditional students.

Take it One Assignment at a Time

Earning a four-year degree for a working parent may seem like a daunting proposition. Approach the challenge one assignment at a time. With every success you are one step closer to your dream job. Resist the urge to take too many classes at once in the hopes of finishing quickly. It will only leave you feeling overwhelmed and defeated. Yes, going back to school will be challenging; however, finding the career that inspires and challenges you will also be incredibly worthwhile.

Build a Network

Finally, and most importantly – surround yourself with support. Find friends and family members that want you to achieve this goal as much as you do. Lean on them for emotional encouragement. If you are a parent, enlist friends and family for help with homework, meals, and carpooling, giving you more time to focus on your schoolwork. Many colleges and universities have social networking groups aimed at non-traditional students. They are a great way to find study-buddies and make friends.

Somerville Divorce Lawyers at Lyons & Associates, P.C. Help Divorced Clients Pursue Career Goals

 For many people, divorce is the start of a brand new life. For those that have not worked for several years, it may mean embarking on a new career that requires formal training or education. Many couples going through divorce may not know that financial assistance for school can be negotiated as part of the divorce settlement. Clients that are interested in in learning more should contact a Somerville divorce lawyer at Lyons & Associates, P.C. Our legal team fights for the best resolution for their clients going through divorce. Schedule a confidential consultation today at 908-575-9777 or contact us online.