Holiday Co-Parenting

Mendham divorce lawyers help co-parents construct agreements regarding parenting time.Co-parenting after a divorce can be difficult, especially around the holidays. From birthdays and special events to major holidays, divorced parents may face challenges when attempting to coordinate plans for parenting time. Despite the complications and stress that may arise from the holiday season, with communication and compromise co-parents can establish a parenting plan that will ensure time well spent with children during important holidays and special occasions.

Establishing a Holiday Co-Parenting Plan

Depending on the child custody agreement of your divorce, your parenting plan may differ. When working with a lawyer to draft a co-parenting plan, it is important to put the child’s needs first. After a divorce, co-parenting can be especially difficult if there are hard feelings, bitterness, or difficulties where communication is concerned. Keeping these things in mind, developing a parenting plan will help to alleviate the stress of holidays and special occasions by allowing both parents adequate time with their children.

Traditions, stress from the holiday season, time management, and seasonal obligations may be difficult for everyone, but especially for those who are going through a divorce. In order to handle holidays effectively after a divorce, it is important to establish parameters depending on the type of co-parenting relationship that you have.

A parenting plan may set forth some of the following parameters in order to ensure that each parent is given an adequate amount of time with children during the holidays:

  • Alternating Each Holiday

In this situation, holidays and birthdays are evenly split between parents. One parent will be granted time spent with their children for the entire day on “even years”, while the other will be given “odd years”.

  • Splitting Holiday Time

In this situation, both parents are granted time with their children on each holiday, including birthdays. Specified times are set for each parent in the parenting plan, with designated times for transitions, including drop-off and pick-up times for children.

  • Spending Time Together

Depending on the relationship between co-parents, it may be possible to spend time together as a family unit. In this situation, a set amount of time should be designated in which both parents spend time together with the child on holidays, special occasions, and birthdays.

Handling Holidays After Divorce

 Handling important events and holidays will come with a number of challenges, but compromise and communication are key factors in successful co-parenting. Divorce can be stressful on all family members involved so it is important to remember that the child’s needs come first. When scheduling holiday time, create a conflict-free zone, be flexible, and focus on spending time with your children in order to develop and enjoy a quality relationship with your child.

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