Quality Visitation Time

Mendham child custody lawyers help create customized parenting plans for quality visitation.When a couple with children divorces, part of the child custody process will involve developing a parenting plan that details which parent the children will be with on certain days and for how long, as well as any emergency planning for when one or the other parent cannot be there for their allotted time.

In situations where no history of child abuse or neglect, domestic abuse or substance abuse exists, it is generally in the best interest of the child to have quality visitation time with both parents. Although creating a parenting plan may be difficult for divorcing parents, the adjustment will be easier for the child when parents demonstrate healthy ways of communicating and resolving problems. It is important to understand that a parenting time schedule that is best for the children may not be the best for the parents and that all parties will need to remain flexible to make the parenting plan successful.

Quality Time Together

When the details of a parenting plan have been determined, how you spend your time with your children is what they will remember and not which parent had more time with them. You may feel inclined to show them your love by spoiling them with gifts or bending the rules when you are together, but in the long run this will not benefit the children and causes more harm than good. Spending quality time together does not have to be extravagant and expensive. Kids love to use their imaginations and be creative, so follow their lead and invent some new family games if you have exhausted traditional board games. Learn what your child likes to do and plan activities around their interests.

Outdoor sports and activities are fun and good for your health. Going out and moving around is a great mood regulator too. On the days you cannot go outside, share stories together. Kids love to hear about what you did when you were little or their family history.

If you have more than one child, it is important to spend time with each child alone. Make arrangements to have a dinner date with each one so that you have special time alone. You can also read together before bedtime individually, instead of together, so that each child can cuddle with you before falling asleep.

When you are not physically together with your child you can still share phone calls, facetime and text messages to remain in close contact. Frame photos of your special time together that they can keep in their bedroom. Although divorce means that you will no longer be constantly physically together, by developing a quality relationship with your children you will never be truly apart.

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