Client Alert: Surrogacy Contracts

New Jersey Divorce Lawyers Offer Client Alert: Surrogacy ContractsCertain Surrogacy Contracts May be Enforceable in New Jersey Upon the Passing of the NJGCAA

New Jersey is in the final stages of passing the New Jersey Gestational Carrier Agreement Act (NJGCAA).

A gestational carrier agreement is a written contract between a “gestational carrier” and an “intended parent.” The gestational carrier is a woman who agrees to carry and give birth to a child who she has no genetic relationship with and is created using assisted reproduction on behalf of an intended parent. The intended parent becomes the legal parent of the child and the gestational carrier has no parental rights or obligations upon the birth of the child. In short, under the NJGCAA, an agreement requiring a woman to carry a child, with whom she shares no genetic material, on behalf of an intended parent who will be entitled to all legal rights and obligations upon the birth of the child, would be an enforceable contract under New Jersey Law.

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Written by:  Mark T. Gabriel, Esq.