The New Wave of Protection in Prenuptial Agreements: No Revenge Social Media Posts

New Jersey divorce lawyers will protect you after a divorce with a prenuptial agreement.An increase in the use of social media for nefarious and vengeful purposes has spurned a new wave of protection in prenuptial agreements that would limit either spouse from posting negative images, commentary and the like on social media platforms of their former spouse post-divorce. Violation of a prenuptial agreement clause with social media protections may result in the payment of a monetary lump sum award to the wronged spouse. (SourceTime Magazine, “People Are Getting Social Media Prenups,” Charlotte Alter, June 5, 2014).

In addition to the monetary consequences, one must pause to think of the emotional and personal implications after the painful divorce, as well as the broader negative implications that can reach their employer.

Having an experienced matrimonial attorney to carefully draft and negotiate a prenuptial agreement is integral to ensuring you have the protections you seek and need.

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