Why is January Divorce Month?

Bridgewater divorce lawyers define why January is considered the divorce month.As the new year begins every January, many people reflect on how to make improvements in their lives. Some may want to lose weight, exercise, and eat healthy. Others may want to stop smoking, save money, or get on a budget.

For some, the decision to end an unhappy or failing marriage becomes a priority in their life. January has become known as “Divorce Month,” because of the high rate of divorce proceedings that begin right after the New Year celebrations have ended.

Reasons Why Couples File for Divorce in January

There are many reasons why people divorce, and as a new year begins, many people reflect on what has happened in the past year, and what they hope will happen as they begin anew.

When a marital couple struggles, there is often hope that the magic of the holiday season will reignite the love and passion in their marriage; but the stress of family obligations and financial concerns can work against them.

The following are some of the reasons behind January divorces:

Financial: Money is one of the top reasons couples divorce. In marriages where both spouses work full time, the stress of work schedules and obligations can impact a relationship. Add to this struggle the stress that happens when couples conflict financially, and it is easy to see how the holidays can be a breaking point for many marriages.

Once the gift giving season ends and the bills start pouring in, the added stress and resentment that comes from these financial obligations can be the proverbial final straw to break a couple.

Children and Family: Many couples that are heading for divorce before the holiday season consciously opt to wait until after January 1st to begin divorce proceedings, to limit the impact on their children and close family members.

Getting one last holiday season in with the family intact seems logical; but realistically, it puts even more stress on the marital couple. Family gatherings with in-laws and out of town relatives, the seasonal excitement of the children, and keeping family traditions alive may only delay the inevitable.

Fiscal Considerations: In some cases, the reason that a marital couple waits until January to file for divorce is simple…taxes. If the couple remains married through December 31st, they can still file jointly in the New Year.

Waiting even later in January to file for a divorce can allow the couple to file jointly the following year as well. With careful planning, the couple can actually save money by filing for divorce at the best fiscal time.

Personal Reasons: Divorce is never easy, and waiting for the right time to file for a divorce is a very personal decision. For those that have been a victim of spousal abuse, the holidays tend to bring on an increase in incidents of domestic violence.

Spouses in extramarital affairs are often pressured by their partners to end their marriage, particularly when marital obligations interfere with their holiday celebrations. January tends to be a time when these situations come to a head; thus, divorce proceedings begin.

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