Co-Parenting for Your Kids

Somerville child custody cawyers at Lyons & Associates help parents construct agreements regarding co-parentingWritten By: William P. Lemega, Esq.

By definition, getting divorced means to legally dissolve one’s marriage to another. If the desire for a divorce is mutual, along with that dissolution is a wish to move on with your life without the involvement of your former partner. However, if you have children together, the paramount concern of both parents should be the well-being of their children (both throughout the divorce process as well as afterward). This means you must be able to respectfully communicate with your ex in a way that meets the needs of you children, which is a task easier said than done.

Co-parenting is not easy. What can be easy is letting your hatred for your ex overcome your actions while the needs of your children take a backseat. It’s important to always remember that children need parents to work together to make decisions based on the children’s best interests, not the parent’s.

Keeping your emotions in check and being able to effectively discuss and resolve disagreements (and there will always be disagreements) is foremost to effectively co-parenting.  Instead of thriving off the drama of confrontation with your ex and casting blame, which only creates disarray in the lives of the children, take a step back and understand that the better the relationship with your ex, the more positive experiences your children will have to share with both of you.

Somerville Child Custody Lawyers at Lyons & Associates Help Parents Construct Agreements Regarding Co-Parenting

What’s most important is that you have a custody and parenting time arrangement that is properly detailed and worded to encourage effective co-parenting.  If you or someone you know has questions about properly structuring and entering a custody and parenting time agreement that will facilitate the needs of your children first, contact one of the skilled attorneys at Lyons & Associates, P.C. at 908-575-9777. You can also contact us online.