We are Going Through a Divorce. How Do We Sell the Marital Real Estate Assets?

Somerville real estate lawyers can help with the sale of marital real estate assets.Getting divorced is not fun – surprise! One of the many complex issues is the marital home and other real property that the spouses co-own. Deciding when to sell the home during the divorce process is a conversation you need to have with your matrimonial attorney.

Whatever the decision – there are a lot of emotions tied to marital real estate which heightens the overall stress and aggravation that comes with selling property. Time and timing does matter. The longer the property sits, the carrying costs grow and the property gets harder to sell. My sale process allows you to move on with your life in 90 days or less.

The Auction Process as a Means of Selling Real Estate

Tranzon sells the real estate quickly, exposes the property to a wide audience and closes without contingencies. The purchase agreement will be contingency free – no financing, no inspections – nothing that can derail the sale. Which means…nothing can derail your ability to move on from the property and move on with your life.

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