NJ Considering Bill of Rights for Kin of Developmentally Disabled

Somerville child custody lawyers help relatives of developmentally disabled individuals.The state of New Jersey is considering a bill of rights for the relatives of developmentally disabled individuals. In 2011, a proposal for one was issued but lacked the support it required. The Assembly of Human Services Committee passed the current bill that may eventually be enacted into law. The bill proposed would disseminate important information to families of the developmentally disabled when requested in a timely manner, including the services available to these families that are provided by the State and any changes to these services or guidelines in writing. They also would be entitled to offer their input on what their relative’s care plan will entail and resolutions if it is not working. Relatives of the developmentally disabled family member will not be retaliated against if complaints are made about the services or how they are administered.

Parents of developmentally disabled children may access information about the services available to their children, but once a child reaches adulthood, the information is less accessible to family members. This may create issues because the individual may not receive each and every service they require, which may create detrimental deficits in their care. If this bill becomes law, family members will be permitted to become strong advocates for their relatives and to monitor their health and well-being.

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