The word “co-parenting” is becoming more common, but what exactly does it mean and is it truly obtainable?

Somerville family law lawyers help their clients with an obtainable co-parenting agreement.Written by: Sara E. Kucsan, Esq.

As discussed in my previous blog, co-parenting is the sharing the duties of parenting. Mashonda Tifrere, Swizz Beatz’s ex-wife, wrote a book regarding how she learned to co-parent with Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz by blending their separate families into one large family. After reading Blend: The Secrete to Co-parenting and Creating a Balanced Family, I absorbed four core pillars to blending two families and effectively co-parenting: 1) communication; 2) empathy; 3) acceptance; and 4) focus.

  1. “Empathy is using your imagination to adopt another person’s perspective and becoming sensitive to the experiences that have influenced that perspective.” – Blend: The Secrete to Co-parenting and Creating a Balanced Family, pg. 112

Mashonda Tifrere discusses the empathy she felt for Alicia Keys because they had similarities. The most noteworthy similarity Mashonda Tifrere saw was that Alicia Keys loved her son and that Alicia Keys was committed to her son.

After two people get a divorce, parental duties that are usually shared will become divided: homework will still need to completed, instruments will be played, and memories will still continue to be made. Co-parents recognize the importance of these seemingly mundane day-to-day activities and they prioritize them. An example that Mashonda Tifrere provides is Alicia Keys attending a parent-teacher conference: this seemingly mundane activity demonstrated to Mashonda that Alicia was dedicated to her son and Mashonda was not negatively impacted by allowing Alicia to be present.

Like most step-parents, Alicia did not ask to raise another women’s child, but Alicia took the responsibility of co-parenting seriously, committing herself to ensuring Mashonda and Swiss’ child succeeded and grew in a loving home.

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