Texting Makes Divorce Easier for Kids

Morristown divorce lawyers help parents with child custody and visitation issues.Texting has been linked to various negative consequences, including poor grammar, repetitive strain injuries, and car accidents. However, according to a study recently published in the Journal of Family Issues, there is a silver lining to this modern form of communication. Researchers have found that texting makes divorce easier for children because it allows them to maintain communication in a parent-child relationship.

How Divorce Affects the Parent-Child Relationship

After a divorce, one parent typically has physical custody of the child, while the other has visitation rights. Depending on the established visitation schedule, the parent living outside of the family home may not have as much communication with the child as they did before the divorce. This can affect the parent-child relationship and the child’s ability to deal with the divorce in several profound ways.

According to an associate professor at Kansas State University, parent’s amicability following a divorce does not have as much of an impact on children’s resiliency to divorce or the parent-child relationship. Researchers in the study analyzed data from approximately 400 divorced parents in the U.S. with a child between the ages of 10 and 18 years old. They reviewed several aspects of the parental relationship, including:

  • Parental warmth and closeness: Children who have parents that are warm and supportive tend to have fewer behavioral and emotional problems.
  • Parental knowledge of the child: Parents who have knowledge of their children’s daily lives and needs are better equipped to provide a positive, encouraging environment.
  • Inconsistent discipline: Children who receive inconsistent discipline are more prone to anxiety, aggression, and feelings of insecurity.

They also identified three types of co-parenting relationships between the divorced parents: cooperative, moderately engaged, and conflictual. Researchers discovered that neither the type of co-parenting relationship nor the presence of any three aspects of the parental relationship was the most powerful predictor of children’s resiliency to divorce.

Frequency of Communication is Most Important

The most important factor was how often children were in contact with their parents, regardless of the mode of communication. The findings of this study are contrary to previous studies that were conducted before modern technology had become such an integral part of children’s lives. Because children today are more likely to have a smartphone or a tablet, the study’s authors suggest that parents using those communication methods may help in fostering a strong post-divorce, parent-child relationship.

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