Your First Meeting With Your Lawyer

Morristown divorce lawyers provide compassionate and skilled counsel during divorce proceedings.The end of a marriage is a momentous step to take in one’s life. Even with clear-cut reasons and mutual consent, it can be a stressful time filled with emotional turmoil. In the worst-case scenario – a high conflict divorce – you may be enduring constant strife at home and losing sleep over how the children will deal with the divorce. You may not be in the best place in your life and so who you choose as a lawyer to represent you will be crucial.

Before Your Meeting

Before your first meeting with a divorce attorney, do your homework and research the firm. How much experience does the attorney have in family law and are they known for their work in this area? If you have substantial financial assets that need to be divided, then your attorney should have substantial experience representing high net worth clients. If you know your divorce will involve a bitter custody battle, then make sure your attorney has many years of experience with complex custody cases. Reviews may be available to read, and the state bar association website will have records of any cases of professional misconduct that have been filed against attorneys.

The First Meeting

At the first meeting, a good lawyer will do two things: explain the different options available to you and ask as many questions as possible. You should be informed of the different divorce processes – collaborative law, mediation and litigation – so that you can decide what is right for you. The lawyer needs to learn as much as possible about you and your family so as to be able to have a good understanding of your situation and any special needs that may be required. For instance, referrals may be needed for estate attorneys, financial planners, psychotherapists and/or divorce coaches.

External Advice

Your divorce may require the advice of these kinds of expert professionals because your lawyer cannot also act as your tax advisor or psychologist. However, a good attorney will make sure to refer you to qualified specialists to make sure you have answers to any questions you might have. Keep your attorney apprised of any new information or developments from your advisors.

Important Issues in a Divorce

Your attorney will need to review with you all the major aspects of divorce so that you will be prepared for what is ahead. Some or all of these may apply to your situation.

The more financial information you can bring with you to the first meeting the better. Your lawyer will need a complete picture of both spouse’s incomes, assets and debts as well as ongoing expenses.

Assessing Your First Meeting

This is an important relationship that may involve a number of months working together so you should leave the first meeting feeling comfortable with whomever you choose as your attorney. Was your lawyer compassionate and was everything explained to you in a clear and careful way that you could easily understand? A good lawyer should be available to you throughout the process to provide guidance and support and inspire confidence through their experience and competency.

Morristown Divorce Lawyers at Lyons & Associates, P.C. Provide Compassionate and Skilled Counsel in a Divorce

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