What Documents Should Be Gathered for a Divorce?

Morristown Divorce Lawyers advise what documnents are needed when considering divorce. If you are considering a divorce in New Jersey, there are several documents that will be necessary for you to have as you prepare for the process. There are several reasons to gather this information even before you have a consultation with a divorce lawyer. The more information you can present at your first meeting, the better advice the lawyer will be able to give you. It will save you a little time and money if you come prepared. Should your spouse become hostile and uncooperative, it may become difficult to obtain copies of the documents you need, therefore, it pays to be prepared. Some spouses even destroy documentation out of spite and hostility.

The most important documents to assemble when you are filing for divorce include:

  • Tax returns
  • The last three pay stubs from both parties
  • Bank, brokerage account, and stock account statements
  • Statements of any savings accounts in the children’s names or 529 plans
  • Mortgage statements and statements from open lines of credit
  • Property tax statements
  • Pension and Social Security earnings statements, as well as any other retirement accounts
  • Documentation of any other assets, such as a property appraisal
  • Inventory of valuables, such as art, wine, jewelry, and antiques
  • Inventory of anything being stored in a safe or safe deposit box
  • Copies of any prenuptial or separation agreements
  • Credit card statements to show any debt being carried
  • Health insurance policies; this helps determine what your health insurance costs will be after the divorce
  • Homeowner’s insurance policies
  • Bills to show expenses, including utilities, school tuition, music lessons, and other family necessities
  • Wills, living wills, and power of attorneys

Another important step is to make a list of any assets you or your spouse owned before you got married and any assets you acquired individually during the marriage. These could be gifts or inheritances. If your spouse owns a business, then you will also need business tax returns and financial statements, including any assets or liabilities from the company.

It is important for your divorce lawyer to have an exhaustive list of all the property and assets that may pertain to your case, so that they can assess what your needs will be and help you make a solid plan for your financial future.

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