Co-Parenting Tips for a Happy Halloween

Somerville child custody lawyers have co-parenting tips for a happy Halloween.Seeking candy and fun on Halloween does not have to be difficult for divorced parents. In fact, it can still be a treat for both parents and their children. Following a few simple guidelines helps eliminate the challenges for everyone involved by ensuring the night has a happy ending.

Talk About Which Neighborhood the Child Will Visit

Unless parents are still residing under the same roof, they may be living in differing neighborhoods. Therefore, they need to decide where the child will trick or treat before the day occurs. They should also coordinate schedules if one parent is not scheduled to have the child for the night but wants to participate.

Some communities celebrate Halloween on different evenings. This can be a huge benefit for divorced parents and their children because they can enjoy two different trick or treating experiences. If children want to trick or treat with their friends, parents need to remain flexible.  Parents may also need to accept that their youngsters may not want to trick or treat at all or would prefer to go to a friend’s party.

Get on the Same Page with Plans

Divorced parents should avoid turning costuming their children into a war. Even if one parent expects a child to dress a certain way, the parent may have to adapt to the child’s decision. Plus, a parent who typically makes all the Halloween costumes may not be able to do it this time around. The goal should be to talk to the child and the other parent, not make assumptions. Children have their own ideas when it comes to costumes, and they may be ready to tackle their costumes themselves, regardless of what their parents expect. Separated parents who do not get along may want to divvy up the trick or treat trail with their child instead of risking an angry confrontation. The less friction that happens during the walk around the neighborhood, the better.

Put Your Children First

Above all else, parents who have gone through a divorce since the prior Halloween have a responsibility to be the adults in the room. Everything has changed for the children, and they may feel as if their world has become unstable. Having a Halloween adventure plan that focuses squarely on the children’s needs and safety will go a long way toward showing them that they can still have amazing experiences despite their new household situation.

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