Considerations for Special Needs Children During Divorce

Divorce is a difficult process for an entire family to go through. It typically requires consulting with spouses about dividing assets, determining who lives in the family household, and who receives child custody. However, when one or more children have special needs, the divorce process often becomes more difficult. This is due to the custodial and financial planning needed for these children.

In order to make the process of a divorce much easier, the parents of a special needs child are encouraged to contact a divorce lawyer. A divorce lawyer helps both parents determine the best possible course of action to take for their child’s best interest. This typically includes making certain accommodations for the child that are unique from regular divorces. This makes the process easier for both the parents and the child.

Extra Expenses

In order to accommodate a child with special needs, the parents might need to invest more money in treatments or equipment. For instance, a child who needs medical treatment might have higher medical expenses. Due to the child’s higher expenses, it might affect the division of marital assets or child support. The parent with primary custody of the child should seek higher child support to accommodate the expenses.

Special Visitation Schedules

When two parents are going through a divorce, they often draft a visitation schedule. However, it is important for both parents to consider a child’s stressors before determining an adequate schedule. Many children with special needs tend to have a difficult time with choppy visitation schedules. To avoid this hardship, the child might be better suited with a schedule that allows them to spend long stretches of time with each parent. Some children might spend a few months out of the year with one parent and the rest of the time with their other parent. This helps to keep a child dealing with special needs as comfortable as possible.

Detailed Parenting Plan

Many special needs children tend to follow a specific routine. This routine often includes diet, medications, and behavioral management. When two parents divorce, it might be difficult for each parent to adapt to this routine without the other. Therefore, it is important for both parents to outline a detailed plan. This plan should include all the important elements of the child’s routine so the child and the parents have as much consistency as possible.

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