Why Do Divorce Rates Increase in January?

January is referred to as divorce month by news and media outlets because this is when many divorce filings take place. There are several reasons why more couples separate right after the New Year. Spouses tend to stay together during the holiday season to preserve a sense of happiness for their family, especially when they have children. On top of this, divorce can be costly and with many other expenses during the holidays, couples may want to wait. Buying gifts, travel expenses, and high utility bills add up, and the expense of a divorce may need to be postponed. Others put it off simply because the season is so busy. Decorating, planning meals, baking, cooking, and attending events can all be pleasantly distracting.

Keeping the marriage intact until the holidays are over may not be the best idea, either way. If the couple is arguing, it can ruin everyone’s holiday. Even if they are not fighting, family members, especially children, can perceive when something is wrong.

Signs of Marital Problems

Spouses that are concerned their marriages may be failing can look for certain indicators. When a couple often fights over money, it could be a clear sign of marital problems. One or both parties may instigate the issue, with behaviors like overspending, hiding money, or making big purchases without talking it over with the other person. A certified financial planner explained in Business Insider that money is an emotional issue and that it comes down to the breaking of trust.

Feelings of unhappiness or a lack of fulfillment also lead to marriage failure. Some spouses feel that their marriages have not met their expectations, including situations where one is the sole provider and the other is home, caring for the children. Frequent fighting over major issues is another sign, although the silent treatment can be even worse. When couples stop talking for extended periods of time, there is likely a deep-rooted problem.

One Step at a Time

Married couples that experience serious relationship issues may want to take things slowly rather than split up right after the holidays. Rather making decisions based on emotions, it makes sense to look at things from a practical standpoint. Some couples choose counseling or therapy and manage to hold their marriages together.

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