New Requirements for Child Care Facilities

Recently, Governor Murphy signed Executive Order 149, which provides the COVID-19 childcare standards for childcare facilities which opened June 15, 2020. For working parents, this is good news as it allows both parents and childcare providers to go back to work.  The following is a list of the guidelines childcare providers are obligated to follow.

First, NJ is requiring that the centers must screen all staff and children for fevers and other COVID-19 symptoms every day before entering. If anyone has a fever over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, or any other COVID-19 symptom, he or she will not be allowed to enter.

Second, the centers cannot have group sizes exceeding 10 children, with very limited to no interaction between different groups. In addition, each staff member will be assigned to a specific group of children and remain with that group. Each group must stay ten feet away from other groups at all times, including when outside.  The groups are to play outside in staggered shifts and cannot play any games that include close personal contact. In limiting contacts, the centers must also ensure they have adequate educational materials so that each group has its own and children’s personal belongings will be stored in a separate area.

Another major change is no field trips.  Childcare centers will be prohibited from conducting any field trips and off-site activities. The only way a center could conduct a field trip is if the trip is within walking distance and social distancing can be maintained throughout the trip.

Much like every other business, face masks will continue to be required for all staff, and when feasible, children. However, cloth face coverings shall never be put on a child that is under the age of two due to the danger of suffocation.

These guidelines will be part of the landscape for the foreseeable future, so it is important to stay informed and remain vigilant about your children’s safety. For more information regarding the effects of COVID-19 and any issue facing your family, please contact the Law Office of Lyons & Associations, P.C. At the law office of Lyons & Associates, our team represents parents throughout New Jersey. For a free private consultation, please contact us by e-mail, visit our website, or call our office at 908-271-8998.