The Best New Jersey Family Lawyer Has These 3 Qualities

The Best New Jersey Family Lawyer Has These 3 Qualities

Garden State Family Law: How Do I Choose the Best New Jersey Family Lawyer?

Most people, when they are looking for a family law attorney, ask for recommendations. People often feel more comfortable hiring someone with good references. It is important to remember, however, that each case is unique. You want to hire a New Jersey family lawyer who has experience with your specific issues in the Garden State. For example, if you own a home, real estate issues may arise during your divorce. If you are unemployed and have credit card debt, one or both of the parties may be filing for bankruptcy. It is important to have an attorney who knows more than just family law. If you consult with a family law attorney who has never dealt with the aspects of law affecting your case, that person may not be the right attorney for you.

Second, it is important that your attorney is truthful in his dealings with you. Attorneys who are not truthful, but are sneaky and manipulative, develop a reputation as such. The person who is hurt the most when dealing with such an attorney, is you. Your attorney should be advising you as to the law, not telling you what you want to hear. If you are not properly advised, then eventually you will go to court and be sorely disappointed. A good lawyer will not only listen to your concerns and input but will also tell you the truth.

Third, it is important to hire an attorney who is diligent and pays attention to detail. Being a good lawyer does not only involve advocating for a client in the courtroom, but the attorney must also be an advocate outside the courtroom. Often the Court requires documentation supporting your case. Written documents such as letters, pleadings and discovery are another tool an attorney uses to further your interests. The Court often relies on these documents when making decisions so the paperwork and preparation that goes into appearing in court, is just as important as the court appearance itself. If an attorney cannot properly represent you in writing, most likely he or she will also have difficulties in the courtroom.

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