3 Ways to Speed Up the Divorce Process

Avoiding A Drawn-Out Divorce Process

As matrimonial attorneys, we understand that a divorce takes a toll emotionally and psychologically on our clients. Our clients, who are often parents and caregivers, must juggle their jobs, home life and family responsibilities, and their children’s best interests, all while going through, what is usually, the most intense experience of their lives. That is why we offer the following advice to our clients at the outset of our representation so we can help effectively and efficiently guide them to what will be a beneficial outcome.

Manage Your Expectations

A divorce from a marriage of several years will not be finalized overnight. Issues of alimony, child custody and child support, equitable distribution and other salient issues unique to each client’s case need the time and attention they all individually deserve. Often times, these issues are not as clear cut as we intend for them to be, but that does not mean they are insurmountable. These issues are resolved more quickly and effectively when both parties are upfront and honest about their finances, holdings, and what they want for their children.

Know Your Options

In New Jersey, matrimonial attorneys are required under the Court Rules to provide each divorce client with a form outlining alternative dispute resolution options to traditional divorce litigation. These alternative dispute resolution options include mediation, arbitration, and collaborative law. Depending on the level of complexity of your divorce case, mediation can be an effective, and fairly swift way, to amicably resolve your divorce while avoiding the prolonged nature of traditional divorce litigation.

Be Reasonable

Aside from the way to approach your divorce from a procedural standpoint, the best piece of advice that we give to all of our divorce clients is to be reasonable. Being reasonable means not letting small and, most often, inconsequential issues take over. This takes not only time and money, but the arguing that goes along with inconsequential issues is observed by your children and can often have a negative impact on them. Being reasonable also means compromising, when appropriate, to come to a resolution that you are not only comfortable with, but more importantly that place your children’s best interests first. Some children are more resilient than others when it comes to their parents’ divorce. It is best to put differences aside to reach a settlement that you can live with for your children’s benefit.

It is important for every divorce client to understand all possible and available tools to save valuable time and energy. For more information regarding effective and efficient representation and guidance through divorces in New Jersey contact the Law Office of Lyons & Associates.  At the law office of Lyons & Associates, we represent parents throughout New Jersey.  We place a premium on personalized service and attention. For a private consultation, contact us by e-mail, view our website at www.lyonspc.com, or call our office at 908-575-9777.