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The Lyons & Associates mobile app is brought to you by Lyons & Associates, P.C., a New Jersey family and divorce law firm.  The app is designed to provide you with valuable resources and easy access to information if you are going through the process of a divorce or dealing with a family law issue.  Some of the features within the app include:

  • Divorce notes tracker
  • Child support calculator*
  • Domestic violence help
  • Child abuse help
  • Learn about the services we offer
  • Contact our offices with click-to-call function
  • Locate our offices and get directions
  • Access to our website
  • Instantly connect with our law firm on social media

Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life.  The New Jersey divorce lawyers at Lyons & Associates hope to make it easier for you and your children.  Let us help guide you through the challenging and complex process of resolving your family law matter.  Our trusted attorneys will protect your rights, help you pursue what is just, and ensure that your best interests are always at the forefront of all legal proceedings.

*The child support calculation is only an estimate, relies upon data provided by the user and should not be relied upon by the user under any circumstances. Please consult with an attorney to obtain an exact calculation.

*Divorce notes are saved locally on your phone only. Any notes created and saved using this app are not synchronized or backed up. Finally, If you delete the app all the existing Divorce notes will be erased from your device.

*Please note – use of this application does not constitute an attorney-client relationship.


New Jersey Divorce Lawyers Child Support Calculator
New Jersey Divorce Lawyers Divorce Notes Tracker

For detailed information on how to use the child support calculator, click here.

The Lyons & Associates app is available free of charge via the  AppStore and Google Play.

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