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Attorney Chris Ann WrightDownload our free appChris Ann received her undergraduate degree from Rutgers University, School of Business and graduated from Widener University School of Law in Wilmington, Delaware.  She also has a Certification in Divorce Mediation from Rutgers University.  After graduating from law school she clerked in Hudson County, Family Part for the Honorable John J. Grossi, Jr. where she assisted the judge with divorce motions and Division of Youth and Family Services hearings and mediated custody disputes.

Prior to joining Lyons & Associates, PC, Chris Ann was a solo practitioner whose practice focused on divorce.  She was an Adjunct Professor at Berkeley College where she taught Family Law, Business Law and Contract Law.  Most recently, her work has been in the area of Residential Real Estate Law, primarily short sales.

Chris Ann is a member of the New Jersey Bar and the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey. She is Past President of the Scotch Plains Junior Woman’s Club and a member of the Scotch Plains Business and Professional Association.

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Often I am asked by clients “How do I get my teenager to comply with parenting time?”  As the parent of 4 boys who range in age from 13 to 21, I know how difficult it can be to pry a teenager away from his friends.  Many parents in a divorce situation take a teenager » Read More

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer: Buyout Your Ex

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You’re in the middle of a divorce and you want to stay in your home.  You and your spouse both feel the stability will be good for the children.  While it may give your children stability, it may just put you in the poor house.  Often, the party who will not be living in the » Read More

Woodbridge Child Support Lawyer: Social Security and Child Support

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Very often people hear “Social Security” and think they no longer have to pay child support.  That’s not necessarily the case.  Under the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines, each type of social security benefit is considered differently. Some types of social security benefits are considered income and some are not.  Let’s discuss the three basic » Read More

New Jersey Divorce Lawyers Discuss Property Laws and Home Ownership if Never Married

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What happens to the house if we were never married? In today’s world there are many couples who live together in the same home, share household expenses and have children.  When couples decide to live together, many are not thinking of the consequences if they split up.  What happens if the house is only in » Read More

Woodbridge Divorce Lawyers: Can I do a short sale even if I am in the middle of a divorce?

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You may think, “My house is under water.  I guess it will have to go into foreclosure.”  That couldn’t be further from the truth!  In many divorces, a short sale is the answer. A short sale takes place when the amount owed on the mortgages is more than the sale price.  In situations like this, » Read More

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