Juvenile Court Cases 

Our children can be our greatest source of joy, and our greatest source of pain. It is emotionally devastating for a parent to deal with a child charged with criminal activity. No parent should attempt to navigate an investigation or subsequent juvenile court procedure without experienced counsel to guide them through the system.

Juvenile charges, especially allegations of sexual misconduct, can irrevocably change the course your child’s life. In allegations of sexual misconduct, an adjudication may result in being subjected to Megan’s Law, which includes registration, possible community notification, and supervision for life.

When criminal juvenile charges arise in the context of school, the charges can have a devastating impact on a child’s academic path and economic future. In today’s climate, schools are quick to forward matters to the police. Allegations of criminal activity occurring on school grounds, or involving schools, are aggressively pursued. The defense of your child should be equally aggressive in the event of any criminal investigation or accusation. 

When parents are contacted by any law enforcement agency or by school administrators regarding potential criminal misconduct by their child, counsel should be consulted before allowing your child to be questioned. Protect your family, protect your children by consulting with legal counsel prior to allowing your child to be interrogated.

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