New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyers

Everyone experiences debt and financial hardship at times. In challenging economic periods, incurring debt is often unavoidable, but it can be overwhelming for many. Declaring bankruptcy may be the best solution to help alleviate some or all of your debt.

At Lyons & Associates, P.C., we understand how burdensome debt can be, but you do not have to face it alone. Our knowledgeable and experienced New Jersey bankruptcy lawyers can guide you through the bankruptcy process and help you take control of your financial future.

What Is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy can provide a fresh financial start. Declaring bankruptcy is a responsible method of managing insurmountable debt and allows you to:

  • Prevent harassing calls
  • End creditor lawsuits
  • Avoid real estate foreclosures
  • Eliminate credit card debt
  • Prevent wage garnishment
  • Remove prior judgments
  • Cease evictions
  • Avoid vehicle repossession

There are two types of bankruptcy: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, often referred to as “straight bankruptcy,” allows you to retain all or most of your property, in most cases, by allowing you to exempt certain assets from liquidation.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, debt is reorganized to more manageable payments to pay off a portion or all of the debt owed. Depending on the circumstances, the bankruptcy court may require debt to be paid fully, partially, or not at all.

How Can Lyons & Associates, P.C. Help Me With Bankruptcy?

If you do not qualify for personal bankruptcy or cannot surrender assets, you still have options to address specific types of debt. Lyons & Associates, P.C. can also assist you with loan modification, providing a more manageable payment for mortgages and other loans, or negotiating with credit card companies to lower or resolve your debt. We can help you navigate bankruptcy challenges to provide a better financial outcome.

Our New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyers at Lyons & Associates, P.C. Help Clients Alleviate Debt Through Bankruptcy

Declaring bankruptcy provides a fresh start from overwhelming debt. Our experienced New Jersey bankruptcy lawyers at Lyons & Associates, P.C. can help. Call 908-575-9777 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. Located in Somerville, Morristown, and Freehold, New Jersey, we serve clients in Somerset, Woodbridge, Morristown, Parsippany, Rockaway, Short Hills, Chatham, Randolph, Madison, Morris Plains, and Monmouth County.