New Jersey Child Abuse Lawyers

Abuse and Neglect/ DCPP Matters

The goal of the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP) is to protect children from abuse and neglect and work to provide a safe and stable home environment. While DCCP officials do their very best to keep families together, if the safety and well-being of a child appears to be threatened in any way, it is their responsibility to remove the child from a potentially dangerous situation. If you have been falsely accused of abuse or neglect, and you find yourself under investigation by the DCCP, it is a serious matter that calls for skilled legal representation. At Lyons & Associates, P.C., we take these accusations very seriously and will work hard to protect your rights and your reputation while keeping your family intact.

What Is Considered Abuse or Neglect?

 A DCPP official will seek a court order against an individual who has engaged in the following behavior:

  • Failing to provide a safe environment.
  • Inflicting or allowing physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.
  • Placing the child at risk of harm.

Building a Defense Strategy 

In cases like this, parents or guardians who are facing abuse or neglect accusations often find themselves at a disadvantage because even the slightest suspicion of abuse can cloud the whole case. In addition, judges often limit parents’ access to the evidence that is being presented about the alleged abuse. As a result, decisions about custody and visitation times are being made based on evidence that may be unsubstantiated. Oftentimes, a court order is required to obtain access to these documents prior to the trial.

Once these documents have been obtained, we will be able to review the DCPP’s findings, including any expert testimonies or third-party statements. We will make sure that you fully understand the evidence against you and make sure that you have the opportunity to discredit any false accusations. We will make sure you are prepared for any scenario that may come up in court.

If the court finds that there is evidence of neglect, there will be a dispositional hearing wherein the court will decide who will be responsible for the child, as well as any treatment, therapy, or other services that should be made available to the family. At this point, the court may decide to either release the child to the parents with specified conditions, place the child with relatives under the supervision of the DCPP, order specific therapeutic services based on the needs of the child and family, place the parent on probation, or any combination of these choices.

New Jersey Child Abuse Lawyers at Lyons & Associates, P.C. Advocate for Clients Accused of Child Abuse or Neglect

In any family law case, protecting the welfare of the children is a top priority. If you are under investigation by the DCCP and your parental rights are in jeopardy, it is in your best interest to contact our New Jersey child abuse lawyers at Lyons & Associates, P.C. as soon as possible so that we can protect your rights throughout the process. We will develop an aggressive legal strategy based on the circumstances of your case. Our dedicated, knowledgeable team will fight hard to achieve the best possible outcome for you, your children, and your entire family.

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