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Cyber Harassment Can Now Be Considered an Act of Domestic Violence

The New Jersey Legislature recently added Cyber Harassment to the list of crimes that can be considered an act of domestic violence under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act. Cyber Harassment is committed where a person makes a communication in an online capacity through any electronic device or through social media with the purpose of » Read More

Child Relocation Standard Rewritten by NJ Supreme Court

In the recent child relocation court case of Bisbing vs. Bisbing, decided on August 8, 2017, the New Jersey Supreme Court overturned a 16-year-old precedent that was used to determine if primary custodial parents could relocate with their children to another state despite the alternate custodial parents’ objections. Prior to this new ruling, primary custodial » Read More

Legislation Regarding Marriage by Minors

Marriage by minors has been in the news recently as some states introduced legislation aimed at prohibiting child marriage. Until now in New York, minors as young as 14 were permitted to marry. New changes abolish marriage for 14-16- year-olds and allows 17-year-olds to marry if they have both judicial and parental consent. The New » Read More

New Jersey Child Support Law Effect on Special Needs Kids

On February 1, 2017, the New Jersey child support statute “Termination of Obligation to Pay Child Support” went into effect. Governor Chris Christie signed the statute into law on January 19, 2016 and the new statute will affect all orders issued before and after the February 1 effective date. A child’s 18th birthday is considered » Read More

Can My Weapons Be Taken if a Restraining Order is Filed Against Me?

If a Restraining Order is filed against you, the police may confiscate any type of weapon or weapons that may cause harm or bodily injury to the alleged victim, including but not limited to firearms or your Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and Carry Permit. In fact, the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act requires the police » Read More


Often I am asked by clients “How do I get my teenager to comply with parenting time?”  As the parent of 4 boys who range in age from 13 to 21, I know how difficult it can be to pry a teenager away from his friends.  Many parents in a divorce situation take a teenager » Read More

The Dog Ate My Homework

When a Non-Custodial Parent Fails to Help Their Child With Homework During Mid-Week Parenting Time The old saying, “My dog ate my homework” may work for a child, but in the Court’s eyes, it may not suffice when it comes to a parent’s responsibility to assist his or her child with homework during the school » Read More

Annulment in New Jersey

An annulment is an action that negates a marriage. Unlike a divorce, whereby there is a record of the marriage, an annulment treats a marriage like it never happened. Many people simply feel uncomfortable about being labeled as “divorced,” and prefer to start with a clean slate—theoretically erasing their past. Many people believe that their » Read More

Difference Between Legal and Physical Custody

A parent is said to have physical custody when he or she has actual, physical custody of marital children on a day-to-day basis. In other words, the child and parent live together. Legal custody is a concept that is separate and distinct from physical custody. The parent with legal custody has the legal right to » Read More

Benefits of Overnight with Dad

When the children of divorce are in their infant or toddler years, mothers often worry that joint custody arrangements will have a negative effect on their bonds with the children. According to a new study conducted by Arizona State University, young infants and toddlers benefit most when time is shared equally between mother and father. » Read More

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