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Mendham Divorce Lawyers: Shared Business in a Divorce

Ending a marriage can be a complicated undertaking. Even under amicable circumstances, the sorting out of shared assets like houses, cars, and property is time consuming and stressful. What if you and your spouse were business partners as well? If you are considering divorce in New Jersey you should know your options when it comes » Read More

NJ Legislators Propose Stricter Penalties for Domestic Violence Offenders

In a proposed bill, New Jersey legislators are seeking stricter penalties for domestic violence offenders. On Monday, the bipartisan bill, sponsored by Assembly members Pamela Lampitt, Ronald Dancer, and many others, was approved by the Assembly Judiciary Committee. Domestic violence offenders attempting to cause another individual bodily harm by using a deadly weapon or attempting » Read More

Mendham Child Custody Lawyers Discuss Summer Co-Parenting

Many divorced parents face challenges when attempting to reach an agreement on parenting time throughout the year. The summer holiday presents additional complications but with communication and compromise, it can be navigated successfully. While most parents continue their normal work schedules during the summer, school is out and children are on summer vacation.  This two » Read More

Mendham Child Custody Lawyers: You Tubers Lose Custody

Mike and Heather Martin, a Maryland couple famous for their YouTube channel full of prank videos, recently lost custody of two of their children after a controversial video the couple posted went viral. Public backlash and concern for the children prompted their biological mother to seek emergency custody, which was granted. In the video, the » Read More

Josh Murray of Tupler Financial Discusses Dividing Retirement Assets at Divorce

Dividing Retirement Assets at Divorce Presented by Josh Murray For many couples, retirement assets represent a significant portion of net worth. During a divorce,  most couples divide the benefits available in their employer retirement plans and the money they invested in their individual retirement accounts. Court-ordered division of assets The rules for splitting accounts are » Read More

New Jersey Child Support Lawyers: Out of State Child Support Order

My Ex is a Deadbeat, Moved out of State & Owes Me Thousands in Child Support. What Can I Do?!! In New Jersey if an order for child support payable through the New Jersey probation department, but is not being enforced because your ex lives out of state, you could seek to have child support » Read More

Tips for Coping with the Challenges of Divorce

Unfortunately, divorce is very prevalent in society today. Over a million marriages end in divorce each year which is a staggering number to say the least. The civil war that happens between married couples tends to have a huge negative impact on children. The children tend to become emotional casualties that often struggle from adjustment » Read More

Mendham Divorce Lawyers: Come Together on Graduation Day

A child’s graduation from elementary school, high school, or college is an exciting time for the entire family. But for divorced spouses, coming together to celebrate this proud accomplishment is not always easy. Here are five tips to make your child’s graduation a peaceful, happy time for both parents, and more importantly the graduate. Make » Read More

New Jersey Divorce Law Firm: Attorney Spotlight on Will Lemega

At Lyons & Associates, P.C., we treat each and every case like it is the most important case we have. Whether large or small, your case – and you – will receive the dedication, personal attention, commitment, and knowledgeable guidance you deserve. Our attorneys will be your most powerful advocate and ally, and will work » Read More

Mendham Divorce Lawyers Discuss Protecting Your Assets

Divorce can often come as a surprise, but there are ways to minimize the surprise consequences after your divorce is finalized. While the marriage may be legally ended, your ex-spouse may still stand to inherit some of your assets when you pass away. When the divorce decree has been accepted and settled, there are several » Read More