Texting Makes Divorce Easier for Kids

Texting has been linked to various negative consequences, including poor grammar, repetitive strain injuries, and car accidents. However, according to a study recently published in the Journal of Family Issues, there is a silver lining to this modern form of communication. Researchers have found that texting makes divorce easier for children because it allows them to maintain communication in a parent-child relationship.

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Hiding Assets During Divorce

The division of marital assets is a necessary part of the divorce process. For spouses who already have negative feelings toward each other, agreeing on how to distribute homes, vehicles, valuables, and other assets may seem next to impossible. Certain spouses may hide assets to prevent sharing them with an ex-spouse.

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Special Needs Family Planning

A special needs child may have a physical, mental, or emotional disability and will require care once they are into adulthood. Naturally, parents worry about what will happen to their child once they are no longer able to care for them. That is why special needs family planning is essential.

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