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Child custody decisions require you to have the right information and advice so that you can make informed decisions. New Jersey courts will look to the best interests of the child or children when deciding child custody cases.

At Lyons & Associates, Terry Lyons and our other attorneys will sit with you and discuss your goals, as well as provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about child custody. We will provide you with our professional opinion, based on years of experience and accumulated knowledge. No two cases are alike and no two judges handle child custody cases in the exact same manner. You will find our knowledge of the courts, judges and New Jersey family law invaluable. For additional information regarding how we can help you, please visit our Benefits of Retaining Lyons & Associates page.

In addition, because our founding partner and attorney also has a master’s degree in social work, we can help you work through some of the emotional challenges you may face and can provide particular insight to the many psychological factors that impact child custody.

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Experienced Somerville Child Custody Lawyers

Child custody is typically referred to in terms of physical custody, which addresses where the children will primarily reside, and legal custody, which addresses who will be making major life decisions on behalf of the child. Legal custody is typically joint child custody, unless the court has strong reason to award sole custody. Having joint legal custody means you will participate in decisions affecting the child, including those involving health, religion, education, etc. Physical custody is typically decided based on a large number of factors and on the best interests of the child. Some factors a court may consider include parental access for the child, geographic location, education and schools, proximity to friends and family, etc.

New Jersey courts recognize the important role parents play in the lives of their children. Accordingly, the term “parenting time”, which emphasizes the quality, not just the quantity, is generally used in favor of the generic “visitation.”

Cases involving children who are on the autism spectrum or have other special needs must be handled with extreme care, as the stakes are high for both the child and his or her primary caregiver. Parents of special needs children should consult a family law attorney with experience and in-depth knowledge of the unique considerations that must be taken into account when determining arrangements for child custody and child support.

Our skilled child custody lawyers can assist you in making decisions and provide you with information about child custody. We will be strong advocates and aggressively pursue your goals regarding child custody in negotiations or court if necessary.

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New Jersey Child Support Advice

In addition to handling New Jersey child custody matters, we also are positioned to advise you about child support. Child support is typically governed by the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines. We can help you understand the child support guidelines, as well as any factors that may warrant an adjustment under the child support guidelines.

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