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Firm Reviews

“David Salvaggio is an excellent lawyer- very professional in his approach. He communicates well, and you feel comfortable through the process- which can quite obscure and painful. Ultimately, David got my case resolved efficiently.” – Y.Y.
“William Lemega is a great lawyer; very professional, great communication and help me through a very difficult time in my life. Lyons & Associates have wonderful staff and associates, thank you Yvonne and Joanna for all your help and care! I strongly recommend this firm as they will provide you excellent legal services.” –  K.L.
“Thanks for all of your help in getting my divorce resolved.  Your help and assistance was very valuable in assuring that everything was taken care of in the best manner.  I appreciated it as my life went through the transition.” – C.G

“I was involved in a custody and visitation case for my granddaughter, My attorney, Joanna Adu was wonderful. She was always available to listen to my concerns and handled the case with expertise, explaining all the possibilities and ways we should approach it. I would definitely use this firm again should the need arise.” – J.C.

“The Lawyers at Lyons pay attention to the details and put your interest above anything else. They put their heart and soul into each case and guide you through the entire process.” – D.F.


“The personal and professional service I received was beyond 5 stars. My deepest thanks to Mark Gabriel, Sara Kucsan, and Linda Armenti for going above and beyond to help me through this matter.  I recommend Lyons & Associates to anyone to needs professional legal services.  Myself and my family will always utilize Lyons services in the future.” – B.M.

“There really should be 6 star ranking for those rare individuals that go well and above… their areas of expertise are never a pleasant subject but when you have folks that really care and listen and deliver – life becomes good again (unless you are on the other side!)”R.P.

“In my opinion, Lyons and Associates is a 5-star, top-tier law firm specializing in Family Law. I was very pleased with the outcome of my matter, which was handled by attorney Mark Gabriel. As valuable as the favorable outcome was the process, or journey towards that outcome. Mark delivered very competent, compassionate legal counsel and services. He was sensitive and attuned to all aspects of my case. The legal support staff were professional and friendly every time I encountered them. Terry Lyons is a gem. I highly recommend Lyons and Associates.” – N.S.

“I highly recommend Lyons & Associates. Terry and her staff are knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate. The culture of Lyons and Associates cultivates a feeling of strength and security for all who require their services. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this firm.”  – S.M.

Lyons team will fight for your family rights , as if they were their own family.  Absolutely the best lawyers in the country.” – S.P.

“Terry and the staff at Lyons & Associates have all the attributes I expect in a good law firm: knowledge and seasoned experience, professionalism, integrity, strategic thinking, enthusiasm, and responsiveness. They have earned my most enthusiastic recommendation.” – J. H.

“I met with Lyons and Associates at a very difficult time in my life. The practice of family law is never easy as there are a lot of emotions and stress with every case. My case was handled by attorney Mark Gabriel. He was by my side every step of the way and could not have been more professional and courteous. He was there for me when I needed him and was always spot on with his assessments and advice. I would recommend this firm to anyone, they are there to help you and to achieve the best possible outcome.” – L.B.

Lyons and Associates understand the law, and gave me good directional advice. I personally felt that somewhere, somehow, I had been granted a wish I didn’t know I had made – and that was to have the best attorneys possible. I highly recommend them.” – S.W.

“I have been interning at Lyons and Associates, PC for the past few months. Theresa Lyons, the managing partner, has been a wonderful mentor and educator. That being said, the entire team at Lyons and Associates have been a pleasure to work with. Each and every individual makes a conscious effort to deliver personal attention for personal matters on a daily basis. I have seen the impact they have had on the lives of our clients. Family law is not an easy feat but the Lyons team handles every case with professionalism.” – D.Z.

Lyons & Associates were referred to me from a friend, I worked mainly with Mark Gabriel, He did an excellent job in handling my family’s legal situations. The entire Lyons team are very professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend them.” – L.D.

“Can’t say enough about Lyons & Associates ! I came to them through a local business group called the BNI. I met Terry indirectly and knew that this is where I would go to help with my divorce. After my consultation the team at Lyons took over and started the process of helping me move on with my life . A big thank you to Marissa A. Del Mauro for representing me and making this a easy process despite the sadness involved with the end of a marriage. The team at Lyons are so laid back and that really puts you at ease . Not once did I feel uncomfortable or intimidated to be in a Attorney’s office which was great. Great job to a great team of professionals , you guys ROCK !!” – S.B.

“Terry & her staff are absolutely excellent! Great law firm!” – D.F.

Lyons & Associates are the best. You wouldn’t want them as an adversary!!” – S.F.

Attorney Client Reviews

Theresa A Lyons:

“The attorneys at Lyons and Associates epitomize professionalism. As a real estate appraiser, I have had occasion to work on marital cases they have been involved with (on both sides). When hired by them, I have had their full support, and I have also made note of the devotion and appreciation expressed by their clients while going through trying times. Even when I was hired by the other side, I never saw anything but the best from the Lyons attorneys. I, of course, hope never to need the services of a matrimonial attorney, but if I ever did, I wouldn’t consider retaining anyone other than Theresa Lyons.” – M.T.

“I have needed the assistance of Lyons and Associates and have had occasions to refer several people to them. I found everyone in the firm to be compassionate, skilled and thorough…from the receptionist to associates to the principal attorney. The folks I referred to Theresa Lyons said the same thing after working with the firm.  The entire team is very competent, capable and ethical.  Everyone knows that divorce can be stressful, but the Lyons staff treat people kindly.  If I run into anyone facing divorce or a family law issue, Lyons & Associates will be the firm I recommend.” – W.G.

“Terry certainly has an edge having formal experience in social welfare and a degree on psychology. She has amazed with the depth of her knowledge and personal touch. I wish her success and recommend her strongly.” – Subir

“Terry Lyons was recommended to me by a friend – an example of Divine Intervention. Time spent in Family Court is not pleasant. You can hope for respect, truth and ethical behavior somewhere in the process but do not expect it. The notable exception was Lyons and Associates. Without exception, they conducted themselves and my business with the highest ethical standard. Terry Lyons, the managing partner, represented me in court. She was amazing! I had spectators in the courtroom ask me for her contact information.  – S.W.

“I have worked for Theresa Lyons for over eight years and could not have asked for a better boss. She is a fantastic attorney along with her associates.” – K.D.

“Great staff, attentive, compassionate and simply the best! Lyons and Assoc. are the first and only choice when you need results and the understanding in a tough time. They handle (with empathy) all aspects of your situation. Professional ‘hand-holding” at its best!” – G.O.

“I am particularly pleased to know Terry Lyons. She is not only technically competent, but absolutely one of the fastest minds I have met. If she were my adversary’s attorney, I should be wise to settle.” – R.B.

“Terry helped with a messy family situation and I cannot be more thankful for her professional demeanor. Her knowledge helped find something a previous lawyer missed and helped resolve a family dispute. If you are looking for a knowledge lawyer that can help solve your family legal matters, you’ve found the best right here.” – D.F.

“Ms. Lyons is a powerhouse – tenacious, yet respectful – and totally there for her clients in every way.  She duplicates this ethic by hiring attorneys into her firm who also value hard work, dedication and who are resolute.  I highly recommend Ms. Lyons and her Associate Attorneys.” – K.H.

Passionate, Professional, Experianced, Compassionate, and REAL. These are all words i would use to describe the best combination for a Family Law Attorney; and also words i would use to describe Theresa Lyons!!!” – M.D.

“Great staff. Truly attentive and caring!” – E.O.

“Terry is down to earth and extremely personable. She puts you completely at ease and makes the process understandable for the layman, while also making sure to take care of every detail. Thank you Terry for a job well done.” – D.G.

“Terry Lyons and Associates are extremely professional, compassionate and very knowledgeable. Ms. Lyons is a very clear eyed, plain-speaking, cut to the chase type that gives you confidence in her and her firm.
She is definitely someone you want on YOUR side!! Highly recommend.” – R.G.

Mark T. Gabriel:

“After almost two years of going through the divorce process it finally ended. I could not have done it without the Lyons & Associates team. My lawyer Mark Gabriel was there from start to finish through ups and downs of the process.  The best thing when things got emotional he would step in and calm me down not to make the wrong decision that would be life changing.  His knowledge and expertise in divorce law was amazing! Always courteous, professional and always available when needed, I couldn’t ask for anything more. 
I personally am grateful for the service Lyons & Associates provided me and would not have had a better outcome with any other law firm. I would highly recommend this team of professionals. Thank you again!” –  M. M.

“I have to say I am very pleased with Mark’s work, I love that he showed compassion, was very professional and took the time to listen to all of my concerns, I am very thankful to him, I think he did a wonderful job and I would absolutely recommend him, thank you again Mark for all your hard work, I’m sure you know how happy you have made my family and I, God bless you.” – Patty S.

“I can’t say enough about Mark Gabriel and his professionalism, passion and ability to get the job done. Not only is he an amazing attorney, he’s a great detective, reading between the lines and finding the BS presented by the opposing counsel. He put his heart and soul into my case and protected my child and her rights. We appreciate it more than words can ever say. – Helen

“Mark Gabriel handled my divorce case. He has demonstrated a good judgment, extreme patience, and listened to my points. I strongly recommend him for being total trustworthy professional and fair. He is young but absolute quiet and cool and I wish him all the success. – Subir

“I had the pleasure of dealing with Mark. He was very sympathetic to my case and was there every step of the way. He put together a great case that led to an amazing outcome. I would definitely recommend Lyons & Associates to anyone if asked.” – B.C.

“Mark Gabriel was very thorough and I really felt that my needs were of great importance to him. He gladly answered all of my questions. He told me not only what areas I needed to focus on but also recommended to assist with a follow up months later. Thank you Mark. I highly recommend anyone seeking child support modifications seek out the assistance of Mark Gabriel and his firm.” – M.H.

“Mark Gabriel and the team at Lyons and Associates were always there for me at the exact time I needed them which is so important during a stressful time. Mark Gabriel saw to my every need in such a professional manner and gave me the best possible out come. So thrilled with Lyons and Associates!!!!!” – D.M.

“I recently hired Lyons and Associates to assist me with several changes regarding my PSA. I was extremely lucky to have Mark Gabriel assigned to represent me. Mr. Gabriel was an extremely strong advocate during this process. He demonstrated to me an extremely honest, an outstanding work ethic, knowledge of the law, and did not “yes me” on all of my questions or thoughts. Mr. Gabriel in my opinion is the type of lawyer that will listen to your every concern/idea, and then will provide you with an honest (not sugar coated – polite) answer. This is the type of lawyer people should want to hire. In the end I have absolutely ZERO regrets with the way my case turned out. Mr. Gabriel got me a fair decision with regards to my new PSA. I would highly recommend Mr. Gabriel.” –R.B.

“Less than a year ago, I hired Lyons & Associates as the firm to assist me with my divorce proceedings.  I was very fortunate to have Mr. Mark T. Gabriel assigned to represent my case.  Mr. Gabriel’s work ethic and professional knowledge was remarkable.  He was compassionate and had a lot of patience when listening to my emotional opinions and wishes.  But while being a good listener, he was also very honest and straightforward with his messages when explaining what in his professional opinion was the best course of action and what was in the best interest for me and my family.  Throughout the process and probably through one of the toughest times in my life, he was a strong sounding board while helping me make some hard calls.  In my opinion, Mark T. Gabriel is a top notch family attorney in the state of New Jersey and the type of legal representation you want sitting next to you in the court room.  I highly recommend Mark T. Gabriel and his team at Lyons & Associates in Somerville, NJ.” –A.I.

 William P. Lemega:

“I recently retained Will Lemega as counsel for a sensitive issue. His professional and competent handling of my case resulted in the best outcome possible. His calm demeanor helped keep my focus where it needed to be and I would highly recommend Will to handle any personal matter.” – J.G.

“I’ve known Will Lemega Esq. on a professional level for some time now and have heard his expertise on handling court matters.  He’s easy to speak with but is very tenacious and delivers where it matters most.  Will is an expert in fighting for your best interests, and I wouldn’t hesitate to contact him to find out how he can help you.  I definitely recommend Will Lemega.” – M.T.

“William Lemega Esq has always been available to answer my questions. He helped me on a matter last year involving a visitation dispute with my daughter and was able to handle it quickly. He has also represented a friend of mine with equal satisfaction.” – N.S.

“Will Lemega is a trusted source during an otherwise difficult and trying time. He is knowledgeable in all facets of family law and someone you can trust in such an emotional time in your life.” – N.C.

“Mr. Lemega (Will) is a fantastic lawyer. He is as professional as they come. If your looking for an experienced and trustworthy attorney to help you in your time of need, Lyons & Associates is where you start your search. I highly recommend him and refer my own family, friends and customers to him when the need shall arise.” – A.M.

“I’m fortunate to have Atty. Lemega as my lawyer. He’s very professional and only had my best interest in mind. I will recommend him and Lyons associates to people who need excellent family lawyers. Kudos to the team!” – L.S.

“In my professional dealings with Will Lemega this past year, I have been extremely impressed with his professionalism, knowledge, and thoroughness in response to my inquiries in family law and general representation of his services. I highly recommend Mr. Lemega as a family law attorney.” – ATON Computer Services

“Will Lemega is a phenomenal attorney, he’s a great listener, he really cares about his clients. He has great experience and knows the law inside and out. I would highly recommend him to anyone is considering divorce or who is having issues with child custody arrangements. You will be in good hands.” – J.S.

“Will Lemega of Lyons & Associates is very professional and attentive to detail and I would highly recommend using him for any family law needs.” – D.S.

“I have referred several people to Lyons & Associates and they all come away feeling better about their situation after speaking with Terry Lyons or one of her associates. As you know, divorce is one of life’s most difficult circumstances and Lyons & Co. not only know how to deal with the legal aspects but the emotional ones as well. If any of my clients, friends or colleagues are even contemplating divorce I would recommend this firm to anyone of them. There is a reason why Lyons & Associates are one of the preeminent matrimonial lawyers in NJ….they care!” – W.G.

“I hired William Lemega from Lyons & Associates to review the prenuptial agreement drafted by my fiance’s attorney. I would highly recommend them!” – M.N.

“I have worked with Will from Lyons and Associates and one word comes to mind, Fantastic! He takes the time to communicate in plain speech instead of legal talk. I would HIGHLY recommend using his services!” –Shawn

Marissa A. Del Mauro:

“Marissa A. Del Mauro at Lyons and Associates was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and caring throughout my entire divorce. Marissa helped me through the divorce process which was one of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced. Lyons and associates was the second law firm that I used because I had a terrible experience with the first firm. I was apprehensive to go to another, but so glad that I did. Divorce is difficult, and when you are going through it, you need people you can count on and trust. I would highly recommend Lyons and Associates, especially Marissa A. Del Mauro. She is trustworthy, compassionate, and an expert at what she does.” – M.L.

“Marissa and everyone at Lyons & Associates are fantastic.  If you like the feel of working with “a small business” with a strong presence, I would recommend considering them. Going through a divorce is never easy and but I know Marissa and the group has tried to be conscientious about my money with regards to billing and has also conducted themselves fairly with regards to my divorce settlement. They are an honest group.” – C.L.

“Lyons and Associates were extremely helpful to me in my legal matter. They were prompt, thorough, and I felt as though they really cared about my needs. Their rates were fair and comparable to others I had researched. I would highly recommend this firm.” J.S.

“My divorce attorney was Marissa A. Del Mauro. She was professional and kept me informed of the process which lasted about 10 months. I kept my house and alimony to my ex is manageable. Her assistant was skilled and prompt. I really felt that the Lyons & Associates team protected my interests, for example, my ex wanted 8 years of alimony on a 11 year marriage. This was reduced to 5 years. After my divorce was finalized, Lyons also reduced by outstanding legal bill by 30%. Would not hesitate to recommend Lyons to anyone.” – S.G.

“After consulting with a number of law firms I’m extremely glad I chose Lyons & Associates to handle my case. From the initial consultation through the close of my case every aspect was handled in a professional manner with clear and distinct objectives throughout. I was very impressed with their honesty, knowledge and experience and their ability to take the enormous amount of information I provided, interpret and organize it and, finally, craft an argument leading to a positive outcome. In short, I highly recommend Lyons and Associates.” – R. R.

“Marissa A. Del Mauro is a competent and skilled family law attorney. She is extremely responsive and hard-working. Her confidence and honesty are exactly the traits required in an attorney. I recommend her and her firm for matrimonial issues.” – L.P.

“Marissa A. Del Mauro at Lyons and Associates was extremely knowledgeable and professional. She listened to everything I wanted and gave good recommendations. It was such a pleasure working with her and I was very pleased with the final agreement.” – J.S.

“Marissa was excellent, professional and very knowledgeable I would recommend her to anyone.” – J.S.

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