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Our New Jersey lawyers at Lyons & Associates, P.C. have the experience and knowledge to handle a wide variety of legal matters for our clients. From family law, business law, professional licensing, to criminal defense, our legal team is ready to vigorously represent our clients. Our practice areas they specialize in are listed below.

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Matters

When a child is the target of abuse and neglect, it is up to the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP) to step in and do what is best for that child. That might include removing the child from the situation, even when you believe it might be an overreaction. It can be difficult when facing an accusation that you mistreated your own child. Acting on an abuse allegation is a complicated process that appears stacked against the parent. We have experience in DCPP matters and will vigorously defend your rights as a parent.

Business Law

The New Jersey’s Office of Administrative Law (OAL) is a dispute resolution system that handles issues arising from numerous state agencies and regulatory matters under the New Jersey Administrative Code. Types of cases handled by the OAL include but are not limited to appeals from civil services matters, appeals from pension forfeitures, and appeals from actions on professional licensing. While the atmosphere is more relaxed than a traditional hearing, the consequences are no less enforceable, which means an attorney is needed.

Adoption in New Jersey

The choice to give up a child for adoption is not an easy one. There could be complications involved or specific reasons why the parents have reached that decision. On the other hand, the decision to adopt a child can be a joyous and happy time for a couple.
In either case, both sets of parents want to hire an experienced and reputable adoption lawyer who can ensure that the rights of each family member and the child are protected. There are many legal obstacles before an adoption is finalized, and a good and compassionate lawyer will help their client reach a favorable conclusion.

Alimony and Spousal Support

When a couple decides to divorce, the emotional ramifications of that decision can be significant for both of them. There is also a financial impact to consider. Those who gain custody of the children have the right to request child support from their ex-spouse. Child support helps cover important and necessary expenses for education, medical, and other child-specific needs. In addition, if a spouse’s earning potential is below the standard of living the couple shared during the marriage, the marital breadwinner might pay alimony to the other spouse. A divorce lawyer will represent a spouse so that they receive the alimony or child support they deserve and need.

A case is not lost when a judge or jury renders their decision. Also, you are not helpless after a divorce settlement has been signed or a will announced. You have options available, such as filing an appeal. In appellate law, we ask the higher courts to review the lower court’s decision. We will review your case and find areas in which there are suitable grounds for an appeal that will overturn the previous decision. Our firm handles a variety of appeals in multiple practice areas, and we will work with you on your case.

Launching a business is not an easy endeavor, and a significant amount of paperwork is required. A good lawyer can help a company get through the numerous procedural steps. Some documents that need to be filed include certificates of incorporation, shareholder and partnership agreements, operating agreements, stock purchase agreements, membership purchase agreements, and corporate bylaws. When a business is up and running, it might face its share of lawsuits from consumers, stockholders, and even former and current employees. A lawyer will assess the risk of every case that arises to determine the best course of legal action.

New Jersey Child Support and Child Custody Issues

Determining which parent will gain custody of the children following a divorce can be difficult. Although there are situations in which a joint custody arrangement can be reached, that is not always the case. In these situations, a judge will weigh all the evidence and decide what is best based on the best interests of the child.
Having a child custody lawyer who will represent a spouse’s desires and interests before a judge will help with reaching an agreeable outcome. A lawyer can help their client work through the emotional challenges they may face and provide insight on the many psychological factors that impact child custody.

An important aspect of determining the welfare of a child after a divorce is to ensure that their financial needs are still met by both parents. The non-custodial parent will be responsible for providing routine payments to the custodial parent based on the percentage they were contributing when the marriage was still intact. Child support payments are to be used only for specific child expenses, such as education, medical needs, living expenses, and other activities. We will help you receive the right payments.

Criminal Practice Area

A criminal conviction can mean significant jail time along with fines and participation in rehabilitation programs. A criminal conviction can also impact your ability to get an education, keep a job, or secure a loan to make large purchases. However, a criminal defense lawyer can help. By challenging the prosecutor’s case, they will push to reduce your punishment. They can also help when you are looking to expunge your criminal record.

The end of a marriage can be challenging for both spouses. A common issue is deciding what will happen with the marital assets accumulated during the marriage. Given the raw feelings that can surround a divorce, a person will need someone who does not have the same emotional attachment. An experienced and compassionate divorce lawyer can be an invaluable asset.
A divorce lawyer can represent a spouse’s needs in a fair and level-headed manner to help reach a just and amicable resolution. If not, they can defend their client’s position in court before a judge.

Suffering from domestic violence or child abuse can be traumatic. A lawyer will represent either the victim or the accused in civil court. For the victim, a lawyer will protect them from the abuser, including helping with protective orders and making sure they are followed.
For the accused, a lawyer will work to come up with the result that the client deserves.

Equitable Distribution

When dividing marital assets in a divorce, New Jersey uses an equitable distribution standard, which means that the assets will be divided in an equitable manner. However, this does not mean in an equal manner. The three steps in the process include: identifying the assets, valuing the assets, and distributing the assets.
It can be a complicated process to determine what is fair distribution, but a lawyer can make certain that their client receives what is owed to them. A knowledgeable divorce lawyer helps their client throughout the entire process and represents their interests.

Determining what a person will do with their property and assets after they are gone will alleviate any stress or controversy when that event happens. Stress and grief can bring out other emotions, which can lead to unfortunate conflicts among family members.
By developing a comprehensive will and a business continuity plan, a client can ensure that their family members know a plan is in place for the distribution of assets. A lawyer can help with producing all the necessary documents and make certain that they are filed properly and executed in accordance with the person’s wishes.

Family law covers a variety of topics, including divorce, child custody, child support, domestic abuse, prenuptial agreements, and other issues. Each family law issue can be emotionally charged. It will require a steady hand and a calm demeanor to help a person through it.
An experienced lawyer can help their client through various difficult family law matters.

Those who are in a gay or lesbian relationship and end their partnership have a series of unique legal matters that they must solve when deciding to separate in New Jersey. Gay, lesbian, and same-sex couples litigation can become even more complicated if there is a child involved or if one of the two individuals is a resident of another state.
A family law lawyer with experience in handling this type of litigation can represent their client to ensure they reach an agreeable resolution.

General and Living Wills

A will is a legal document that outlines how assets will be distributed upon a person’s death. It allows family members the opportunity to grieve without having to stress about how they will divide up a family member’s possessions.
A will is also an opportunity to decide who will take care of any children left behind or who will take over any businesses that were also part of the person’s portfolio. In addition, a living will describes a person’s instructions for a variety of health care scenarios. A lawyer will make sure that a will details all their client’s wishes and expectations.

Grandparent Visitation Rights Attorney

New Jersey allows grandparent visitation rights in the event of a divorce. The state understands the importance of the involvement of grandparents in their grandchildren’s lives, which is why a court will grant visitation rights. There are several factors listed in the Grandparents’ Visitation Statute that are considered when determining the visitation schedule.
A lawyer will work with the grandparents to advise them on their rights and help them petition the court if they are looking to gain more time with their grandchildren.

A guardian is appointed by the court to represent someone who is unfit to make important life decisions. The guardian is then authorized to make those decisions on behalf of that person. In New Jersey, a person is generally deserving of a guardian when that person does not appear to have the understanding to make rational decisions on their general health or financial well-being.
It can be a difficult and troubling time for a family when deciding whether a loved one needs a guardian. However, a lawyer can answer a family’s questions and help them through this difficult process. If the need arises, the lawyer can help in court should a guardian need to be assigned for their loved one.

Divorces can be highly emotional, especially when the couple is arguing over the division of their property and assets. The situation can be more stressful when it is a high-asset divorce. Although the value of the assets might be higher than most, the result must still be the same: an equitable resolution to the divorce. We will make sure your interests are represented in a divorce. We will help you understand the tax implications and address any other legal matters.

Mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution that allows two disputing parties to settle their differences outside of the formal legal arena. Mediation can shorten the time of a divorce, as well as save on legal fees. It is seen as a cooperative process in which both sides work together to reach a mutual resolution.
Although the mediation process is becoming increasingly popular for resolving marital and family law issues, it is also a way to resolve all types of business and personal disputes. In mediation, the lawyers and mediator act as intermediaries between the spouses or other parties, meaning there is less emotional aspect to the interactions, which should make for a better outcome.

professional license

A professional license is one of the most important items in a person’s professional life. If a complaint has been sent to a licensing board, an investigation commenced, and/or negative action is being taken, the entire experience can be emotionally and economically devastating. Whenever there is a complaint filed, an investigation opened by a licensing board, or you were charged with a criminal offense, it is important to immediately consult with an attorney to learn your rights and to protect your license.

When a couple obtains a civil divorce, their legal marriage is dissolved, and they no longer have any legal obligations to each other outside of what was decided on in the divorce. They are both free to legally marry other people if they so wish.
However, for those who wish to remarry within their faith, it can be a more complicated process. Obtaining a religious divorce requires working with your respective religious leaders. Each faith considers marriage to be a sacred institution, which can make matters difficult for someone who wishes to remarry in their faith. We will ensure your legal rights and religious values are protected throughout the divorce process.

A will determines how you wish to designate your assets and to whom. It also gives special instructions on who will watch your children when you are gone. Creating a trust is one way to protect any minor children you have. A trust ensures that they will receive the full amount of their inheritance when they reach the proper age. There can be a lot of legal challenges when creating a will or a trust, but we can help you construct an effective estate plan.

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